"One of many spooky facts emerging from the geometry is that the Great Pyramid perfectly encodes its own exact position on Earth’s surface. This achievement cannot be a coincidence and is far beyond the science of ancient Egypt as it is understood by Egyptologists."      


From the Foreword by Graham Hancock

One of the theoretical themes in this book that also highlights major new discoveries and facts about the Great Pyramid, is the RVT ('Recovery Vault Theory').

The authors put forward the theory that the pyramids of Giza in Egypt were perhaps used as 'recovery vaults' in the event of a major global catastrophe – concerning perhaps a shift of the earth's axis – which is why we find that the possible date of the catastrophe which was seen as a recurring pattern, was also encoded in the Great Pyramid and the layout of the Giza monuments, which together create a “precessional cycle clock” – a 13,000-year timeline to pinpoint the dates these recurring catastrophes are likely to happen within the precessional cycle of roughly 26,000 years.


To give support to this theory that the Giza pyramids were possibly used as recovery vaults, the authors also present the analogy of the 'Svalbard Global Seed Vault' which was built as recently as 2008 to preserve hundreds of species of seed and other valuable genetic data in the event of a global catastrophe.


Using the largest great Giza pyramids as recovery vaults would mean that Egypt was able to reconstitute itself like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of its former self, after a calamitous phase in which other civilizations in the Near East and beyond, such as the Akkadian Empire, had collapsed and vanished.

Below is a quote from 992 AD presenting a reasonable description of the pyramid as a 'Recovery Vault' along with WHY the pyramids were built.










"What essentially Scott and I are saying, is that rather than the largest pyramids at Giza being built to preserve the king, that instead they were built as “Arks” to preserve the kingdom in the event of a global catastrophe; in other words, they acted as a kind of "womb"

for the rebirth of the kingdom, and this means that not only were all kinds of knowledge encoded in these pyramids – along with the astronomical and geophysical knowledge we find encoded at Giza associated with whatever natural catastrophe threatened the kingdom – but they were also 'recovery vaults' to preserve everything about the culture that built them – ensuring the rebirth or resurrection of that culture."   

 Gary Osborn        

Khufu pyramidsatnight1



In short, Egyptologists have convinced themselves that this king Raufu of the 4th dynasty ca.2550 BCE was the same person that built the Great Pyramid (i.e. Khufu) who – in all probability - belonged to another, earlier age. This, of course, begs the further question – how far back might we have to go to find Khufu and the true date for the construction of his Great Pyramid?"

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‘When one sees Eternity in things that pass away and infinity in finite things, then one has pure knowledge. But if one merely sees the diversity of things, with their divisions and limitations, then one has impure knowledge.’

                                                                                             The Bhagavad Gita. (XVIII.20-21)


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The Internal Eclipse


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"It seems to us that whilst Khufu may indeed have been the builder of the Great Pyramid, he was not the 2nd king of the 4th dynasty ca.2550 BCE – this being Raufu. And since Khufu is not mentioned as being the king in earlier (or later) dynasties, we must further conclude that this king belonged to an age before the dynastic period of Ancient Egypt ever arose. And it stands to reason that if Khufu does not belong to dynastic Egypt then neither can the Great Pyramid (built by Khufu). And, by extension, neither can the other giant pyramids that preceded the Great Pyramid belong to the Old Kingdom period.

'In Search of Khufu'

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Authors Creighton and Osborn
The Internal Eclipse

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The Giza Prophecy


The Orion Code and the

Secret Teachings of the Pyramids




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Fingerprints of the Gods

"Ra-ufu" - Not "Khufu"


Article by Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn in NEW DAWN Magazine February 2012. (Special Issue. Vol 6, No 1)

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The Giza Genesis Plan:


Why the Pyramids are Recovery Vaults and Not Tombs


By Scott Creighton & Gary Osborn

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. . . Also featuring articles by Philip Coppens, Christopher Dunn, Laird Scranton, Walter Mason, Nick Redfern, Victoria LePage, James Wasserman, Steve Strong, Micah Hanks and Bibhu Dev Misra.

"The priest having thus spoken, the king commanded them to take the height of the stars, and to consider what accident they portended. Whereupon they declared that they promised first the Deluge, and after that fire.  

Then he commanded pyramids should be built, that they might remove and secure in them what was of most esteem in their treasuries, with the bodies of the kings, and their wealth, and the aromatic roots which served them, and that they should write their wisdom upon them, that the violence of the water might not destroy it."


Murtadi - (992 AD at Tithe, in Arabia). Translated in 1672. 

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The Giza Prophecy

By Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn

Review from the February 2012 edition of NEXUS Magazine


Among the interesting similarities between Freemasonry and ancient Egypt is that the angle of 23.5° is seen in the masonic keystone design as well as in the Great Pyramid of Giza.  This same angle is also encoded in mediaeval cathedrals and Renaissance artworks, hidden in plain sight from the Church because it represented heretical knowledge of the axial tilt of the Earth (which was supposed to be fixed at the centre of the cosmos) as well as knowledge of disaster that a new tilting can bring.

Engineer Scott Creighton and ancient mysteries researcher Gary Osborn show that the Great Pyramid is a compendium encompassing mathematical, geodetic, astronomical and cosmological formulas.  The standard unit of measure, the gravity cubit, may have been set from values derived from the sunset at Giza during the autumnal equinox. 

The authors expand on the work of Freemason Frank Higgins, who in 1919 proposed that the geophysical-axis-related "cosmic angles" of 11.75°, 23.5° and 47° are part of the design of the Great Pyramid as well as ancient temples around the world, and of Robert Bauval with his Orion's Belt correlations on the Giza Plateau.  That the Giza pyramids layout points to a 13,000-year prophetic timeline is just one of their many revelations.




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  • A detailed study of the proportions of the Giza pyramids and how they reveal shifts in the Earth’s axis in the remote past—and near future.

  • Debunks the “pyramids as tombs” theory and shows how they are “recovery vaults” to ensure the rebirth of civilization after a global disaster.

  • Explains in detail how the angles and geometry of the Great Pyramid record a shift of the world’s axis in 3980 BCE and predict more to come.

  • Uncovers the location of an additional as-yet-undiscovered “recovery vault” on the Giza plateau, as revealed in the myth of Osiris.

Part One of a four-part article about the Rendlesham Binary Code

A fine summary of Gary Osborn's 'Neutral Point Theory' by Louis Proud - author of

Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences

Louis Proud

“According to Gary Osborn in the book The Shining Ones, the ancient shamans viewed consciousness as a traveling sine wave, with the “negative” half of the cycle representing the period during which we are asleep, and the “positive” half of the cycle representing the period during which we are awake. If one were to picture this in one’s mind, the line passing straight through the middle of the graph would represent the null line or timeline, and one peak and one trough would equal one cycle – which, as we know, is roughly a twenty-four hour period. This is called a circadian rhythm, or the sleep-wake cycle. The sleep-wake cycle not only consists of a positive (wakefulness) phase and a negative (asleep) phase but also a neutral (transliminal) phase. (The word “transliminal” comes from the Latin, for “crossing the boundary” or “threshold”).


These neutral phases – or nodes – are those points on the graph where the opposites, or two halves of a cycle, are briefly united. And these, of course, would represent the hypnopompic and hypnagogic states.

During a complete cycle, you cross the hypnagogic phase before falling asleep, and, before waking up, you cross the hypnopompic phase. Most people, of course, are totally unconscious during these phases – the SP [Sleep Paralysis] sufferer and the shaman being two exceptions.

“The neutral point in the cycle,” explains Osborn, “is where the opposites meet and are briefly unified – neutralised as separate phenomena. Therefore, for the ancient shaman, this formed a correspondence with the sexual union of male and female which produces that ‘creative spark’.”

Not only can the sleep-wake cycle be represented as a traveling sine wave, says Osborn, but so too can our own state of consciousness, which cycles or oscillates many times a second, “and in every instant we fluctuate momentarily between conscious and subconscious, with the unconscious ‘zero node’ crossed twice every cycle”.


To comprehend this better, think of the “positive” half of the cycle as representing the conscious self, which is objective and male, and the “negative” half of the cycle as representing the subconscious, which is subjective and female. The neutral points in the cycle represent the unconscious.

“If we become conscious at these points”, adds Osborn, “as in the hypnagogic state, then everything collapses into the centre or supersuperconscious”. 


It could be said, then, that the SP state allows one access to a superconscious level of mind. Various techniques are employed by the shaman to enter a trance state, several of which I’ve already mentioned, such as beating a drum. There is another method, too, and it’s one that Martyn Pryer was obviously well aware of. What one has to do is to try and remain awake and aware at the point of going to sleep, which, as we know, enables one to enter the hypnagogic state. Shamans regard the hypnagogic state as a “gateway” or “portal” to other realms, one of them being the underworld. “In these ‘other worlds’ or ‘other-dimensional realms’,” writes Osborn, “the shaman encountered all kinds of creature, even human-animal hybrid . . . He also ‘met’ and interacted with dead people, friends, relatives and ancestors who would sometimes pass on important information which he could use to his benefit, although some would try to trick him and even do him harm [my emphasis]. We can see why he believed that this realm was the underworld, the world of the dead . . .” Speaking of shamanic journeys to the underworld, the hypnagogic experiences of Martyn Pryer spring to mind. These experiences, he insists, felt very real indeed and could not have been dreams – at least not regular dreams. Were they, then, lucid dreams? Or perhaps OBEs? My feeling is that they were lucid dreams (LDs), keeping in mind that these experiences, in the words of Sevilla, a lucid dreamer himself, “are usually vivid, almost always in color (for me) and rich in detail”.

Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences 

by Louis Proud, (Anomalist Books, 2010, pp. 131 – 132). 

Giza Prophecy

The struggle in Man to awaken from the illusion of his ego-bound reality is found in the friction between ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’

   This friction between ‘Yes’ and ‘No;’ the opposites in Man and in nature is of course fundamental to the creation and continuance of all life on this planet and is of course the divine spark behind the leaps in Man’s evolution.

   But, the very fine null-point at the centre of all the friction – the point of friction itself – is a paradox:

   On closer inspection this point is immeasurable; infinitely small, and at the same time eternally vast and unfathomable. It is the Source of all Consciousness itself . . . known in Eastern Mysticism as the ‘VOID’ . . . It is also the ‘Eye of the Storm’ . . .    


Gary Osborn 1997

Secret Chamber?

To appreciate WHY the architect had the N/S cross-section of the Great Pyramid constructed to the 14:11 or 140:110 ‘base to height’ ratio dimensions, which also produces a precise side angle to fourteen decimal places of 51.84277341263094º, we must view it all graphically by doing what the author John Michell first did.

[See City of Revelation: On the Proportions and Symbolic Numbers of the Cosmic Temple by John Michell (Garnstone Press, 1972).]


One simply superimposes a cross-section diagram of the Great Pyramid over an image of the Earth along with the Moon – with both placed in such a way that both the 6,366,182.836771072-meters ‘mean radius’ of the Earth and the 1,736,231.68275575-meters ‘mean radius’ of the Moon are tangentially joined together to give a combined total of 8,102,414.519526819 meters.  


(These are long numbers, but these numbers are the result of setting an online ‘right-angle triangle’ calculator to fourteen decimal places which gives us the precise side angle of 51.84277341263094º, and which I use here to demonstrate how accurate this data is, based on the N/S cross-section side angles of the Great Pyramid derived simply from a 7 : 5.5 seked ratio).  


We also make sure that the base of the Great Pyramid aligns with the Equator, and that the Giza Meridian (once believed to be the world’s Zero Prime Meridian in ancient times) is its centerline. When we do this, we immediately grasp what we were meant to see . . . that the location of the Great Pyramid at Giza on the Earth is positioned right at the heart center of the image of the Great Pyramid superimposed over the Earth, and exactly where the Great Pyramid is located on the Earth at the meters-per-second ‘speed of light’-related, latitude coordinates of 29.9792458º N.


During the Great Pyramid’s inception phase, and to preserve the information encoded within it, it appears to have been decided that both the external and internal dimensions of the Pyramid be drawn-up to the combined proportions of the Earth and Moon.

However, the purpose was not just to preserve information and knowledge like an encyclopedia or almanac in stone . . .  


As I had revealed in the book The Giza Prophecy (2012, co-authored with Scott Creighton), when a diagram of the N/S cross-section of the Great Pyramid showing all its internal features is superimposed over a graphic of the Earth, the apex of the Great Pyramid points towards its own location on the Earth via the geophysical/geodetic-related angles within its angle geometry.


Figure 10

What we see here can be read like a map, just like the “map” in figure 1, which is pointing to a specific location within the Great Pyramid – namely its core heart center.      

What could be more accurate and as long-lasting and self-preserving than a ‘map’ that has been encoded within a stone-made mountain – especially a ‘map’ based on the combined proportions of the Earth and moon?

Could this central point in the Great Pyramid be the location of another chamber? And if so, what would it contain?


The above was written in 2016 for the Appendix I have contributed to the book Cosmic Womb by Chandra Wickramasinghe Ph.D and Robert Bauval and which will by published in December 2017,  although the insight dates from 2011.




DAILY NEWS  2 November 2017. By Mika McKinnon


“Cosmic rays have revealed a new chamber in Egypt’s Great Pyramid”


IF, as is being reported that the so-called “big void” is another gallery like the ‘Grand Gallery’ some distance below it. And IF it is at the same inclination, which appears to be so but which has not been confirmed yet, then surely like the Grand Gallery, this “gallery” is leading upwards towards a significant destination, just as the Grand Gallery leads upwards to the King’s Chamber.

And if so, then just as I have predicted, the location which this second gallery appears to be leading to could be another chamber at the core-heart-center of the Great Pyramid.


Below is a graphic I had first created in 2015. I have simply added the graphic from the article at the top right showing the location of the “Big Void,” to show that it could be leading upwards to the theorized ‘central chamber’ inside the Great Pyramid.



Central Chamber and ScansPyramids big void

It may interest people to know that the two internal chambers that we know of and a third chamber at the ‘heart-center’ of the Great Pyramid of Giza were also targeted by the seven coordinates found in the Rendlesham Binary Code that Jim Penniston (USAF ret) claims he received while investigating an unidentified triangular craft in Rendlesham Forest on Boxing Day morning, 1980.  


Because of my work on deciphering symbols and codes, and my discovery that the Earth’s axis angle of 23.5 degrees had been encoded in numerous sources throughout history – especially paintings from the 17th century – I was commissioned by Jim Penniston to work on these coordinates in February 2011.

In the first few weeks of working on the seven coordinates, I was amazed to find reflected in what emerged from them my own research and findings concerning the Great Pyramid of Giza, made since 2001. This was unexpected, as I had received the coordinates from Jim Penniston the very same week that the final draft of the manuscript for the book The Giza Prophecy (the first book to feature my research and discoveries about the Great Pyramid) had been sent to the publishers. In fact, some of the new revelations outlined in this summary concerning the Great Pyramid, are the result – or rather the ‘inspiration’ – of what I had initially discovered during my five-year study of the seven coordinates found in the Rendlesham Binary Code.


In June of 2011, I then discovered that the seven sets of coordinates as found in the string of binary code that USAF SSgt. Jim Penniston claims he received on Boxing day morning in 1980, are pointing straight to the core-heart-center of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

How the coordinates do this is one of the things Jim Penniston and I shall reveal in the first book about the Rendlesham enigma, which will also contain the definitive account of Jim Penniston's experiences from the night/morning of the incident to the present day.

However, I must emphasize that this is not the only thing that the coordinates are pointing to, and that there are several other important discoveries that the coordinates from the code are presenting to us aside from pointing to this location at the center of the Great Pyramid.


Gary Osborn

November 4 2017.



Fig. 1.

Fig. 2.

Fig. 3.

"One of many spooky facts emerging from the geometry is that the Great Pyramid perfectly encodes its own exact position on Earth’s surface. This achievement cannot be a coincidence and is far beyond the science of ancient Egypt as it is understood by Egyptologists."      

From the Foreword of The Giza Prophecy written by Graham Hancock





We are proud to announce the definitive book on the Rendlesham Forest Incident is now available for purchase worldwide on Amazon.


The Rendlesham Forest Incident of December 1980, is considered by far the most significant event in UFO history. It was also a unique military-related event, having taken place in Rendlesham Forest just outside the twin bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England – both of which had been transferred to the United States Air Force in 1951 by the British MOD (Ministry of Defence), becoming one of the largest and most important NATO complexes in Europe during the Cold War. The account given in this book is that of James W. Penniston, a Staff Sergeant at the time of the incident, who was the primary witness who led the investigation in the beginning and had ‘Top-Secret clearance’ – one of only eight people with Top-Secret clearance working Security at the twin bases. His credibility and honesty were highly respected throughout his years in the USAF. Jim Penniston has teamed-up with author Gary Osborn to present the definitive account of the Rendlesham Incident and the aftermath of events, just as he witnessed and experienced them from the incident itself, which began during the early morning hours of Boxing Day, December 26, 1980 up to April 2014.


Jim Penniston and Gary Osborn

The Rendlesham Enigma


Available NOW on Amazon worldwide