These binary numbers surround the electrical 'earthing' symbol imaged as Earth (soil) . . . grounded.


Subtle as these associations and connections are and tenuous as they may appear to many of us, perhaps we are meant to make these connections – especially if one considers the possibility that we are all being guided at some deeper level.


For example, to me, the image above and the associations that exist and which surround the making of this album – also it's Pythagorean “all things are numbers” concept and at this special time – encapsulates ALL these connections and at the same time could be seen as a meme that communicates the idea that all the things that so-called rational science often rejects as being too mystical and “on the fringe”, are now being 'rationalised' under the new Illumination, which will eventually bring about a new paradigm.


In other words, it is saying that undeniable proof of the immortal, spiritual side or God-like, source of man's nature will be re-discovered, and like Prometheus who brought down the “fire of heaven”, the reality of this will be brought 'down to Earth' in a new age of enlightenment – a New World Order of Illumined thought and reason based on ontological mathematics “where souls are defined as dimensionless Pythagorean-Leibnizian monads (mathematical points) and are characterized by the two most mysterious numbers of all – zero and infinity”.

The God Equation (The God Series) by Mike Hockney, Hyperreality Books, Sept 2012.


In the words of the Illuminati themselves

“George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a German philosopher, born in Stuttgart in 1770. During his life he could never have known what an effect a modified, materialistic version of the phenomena he identified would have on the world from that day to this. His observations about the spiritual development of the mind were developed and changed by others, including Karl Marx, and this modified version of Hegelianism expressed itself thus: If you create two opposing sides and bring them into conflict, you will create a third force, a synchronisation of both of them. It is known as thesis v antithesis = synthesis: a new order.


“Marx, a German, the inspiration of the Bolshevik revolutionaries, was a keen student of Hegel’s work. The difference between them was that Hegel was talking of the spirit and mind while Marx rejected the idea of God and an afterlife. He was a materialist. To him, this world was all there was (or so he said publicly). As he once said: “I turned Hegel on his head”. In doing so, he had also identified an incredibly effective tool in manipulating the world towards centralised control.


“A tiny elite are co-ordinating all these apparently unconnected events, So when you see how the same people support and fund ‘opposites’ like Marxism-Leninism, fascism, and capitalism, it is not because they are confused or crazy. They are creating the opposing ‘sides’ which can then be brought into conflict to play one off against the other and create another force – New World Orderism. Thesis v. antithesis – synthesis”.  


Taken from  ...and the truth shall set you free.  

David Icke. (Bridge of Love 1996.) p. 66 - 67.



“Before examining these influences,” began G., “and the laws of transformation of Unity into Plurality, we must examine the fundamental law that creates all phenomena in all the diversity or unity of all universes. “This is the ‘Law of Three’ or the law of the three principles or the three forces.

It consists of the fact that every phenomenon, on whatever scale and in whatever world it may take place, from molecular to cosmic phenomena, is the result of the combination or the meeting of three different and opposing forces. Contemporary thought realizes the existence of two forces and the necessity of these two forces for the production of a phenomenon: force and resistance, positive and negative magnetism, positive and negative electricity, male and female cells, and so on. But it does not observe even these two forces always and everywhere. No question has ever been raised as to the third, or if it has been raised it has scarcely been heard”.


“According to the real, exact knowledge, one force, or two forces, can never produce a phenomenon. The presence of a third force is necessary, for it is only with the help of a third force that the first two can produce what may be called a phenomenon, no matter in what sphere”.


“The teaching of the three forces is at the root of all ancient systems. The first force may be called active or positive; the second, passive or negative; the third, neutralizing. But these are merely names, for in reality all three forces are equally active and appear as active, passive, and neutralizing, only at their meeting points, that is to say, only in relation to one another at a given moment. The first two forces are more or less comprehensible to man and the third may sometimes be discovered either at the point of application of the forces, or in the ‘medium,’ or in the ‘result’.

But, speaking in general, the third force is not easily accessible to direct observation and understanding. The reason for this is to be found in the functional limitations of man’s ordinary psychological activity and in the fundamental categories of our perception of the phenomenal world, that is, in our sensation of space and time resulting from these limitations. People cannot perceive and observe the third force directly any more than they can spatially perceive the ‘fourth dimension”.


“But by studying himself, the manifestations of his thought, consciousness, activity – his habits, his desires, and so on – man may learn to observe and to see in himself the action of the three forces”.


Extracts taken from In Search of the Miraculous (Fragments of an Unknown Teaching) 

by P.D. Ouspensky. (Arkana.) p. 77. 




We can now understand why the UFO phenomenon is still an enigma to many of us.


The intelligence behind the phenomena utilises the paradoxical, non-dual, non-local Third Force in nature and in consciousness; where mind and matter, past and future and all potential events that exist, are united as one in the NOW, and this intelligence enters and exits our reality through it.


But at the same time this intelligence is also trying to bring our attention to this 'gateway' in consciousness, as equilibrium and balance and reaching above and beyond our dual nature which also determines our beliefs, our prejudices, our behaviour and which can entrap us in all kinds of conflict both internally and externally, is an aspect of it, and this is necessary for our survival and taking the next step in our evolution to join the intelligent universe . . .

What is this pattern in UFO abduction phenomena that is geared towards finally acheiving a balance in the collective consciousness of humanity?


As many of us who follow these phenomena are now aware, in recent decades there have been numerous sightings of dark, black triangular or chevron-shaped crafts; some with a circular light in the centre and at each corner. Many of these crafts are huge – some estimated to be several miles wide – and they have been observed by multiple witnesses moving slowly across our skies and at low altitude, as if the purpose is to be noticed.


The unidentified craft that Jim Penniston and John Burroughs witnessed in Rendlesham Forest on the early morning of the 26th December 1980, was shiny, black and triangular. On the side of the craft were six symbols. Two of these symbols featured triangles.

It was when Penniston touched the larger triangle symbol, that he says he received a vision of binary ones and zeros containing a coded message.


Over the years and more recently, this intelligence appears to have also employed the method of using subliminal messages featuring various symbols and archetypes – many of them involving triangles, triangular-pyramidal shapes, images and dots arranged in a triangular configuration.


Triangles or triangular-shaped symbols also turn up in numerous Crop Circle formations as well as in UFO encounters; for example, reports of human or alien beings wearing uniforms featuring a triangular badge or emblem.


They also turn up in so-called “alien abduction” accounts . . .
















But how could the simple symbol of a triangle bring about the kind of balance that is needed in human consciousness and society as a whole?





It would appear that in the last few decades, the frequent appearance of triangular-shaped UFOs, the manifestation of triangle formations in cereal crops and the appearance of triangle-shaped marks on the bodies of experiencers or abductees, was meant to seep it's way into the human collective consciousness to finally bring attention to the the balance of of forces encapsulated in the universal Triad, Trinity and Triptych of numerous esoteric and religious traditions.
















The bottom left and right vertices of the triangle symbolise the duality of the two opposite positive and negative forces, while the apex symbolises the 'third force' which is neutral.





And we can see now what the real problem is as regards our general acceptance of paranormal phenomena; that although many of us experience it, it is rejected in our society because our societies are largely 'left-brain dominant' – especially in the West, and so even though 'right-brain dominant' people are more likely to believe such things are a reality – that “paranormal” is in fact 'normal', they feel that it will never be seen as fact all the while officialdom rejects it and doesn't give its stamp of approval, and really because 'official denial' is a left-brain dominant policy.


Having researched into all aspects of the UFO phenomenon, which at first was to see if there was anything in the written accounts that corresponded with the type of phenomena and symptoms my brother and I experienced in the late 80s to early 90s, I have come to understand that an important part of the message on behalf of the seemingly more benign intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon has been about bringing equilibrium, harmony and balance to human consciousness and awareness.



The Triangle in UFO-related Phenomena

“I had a pair of triangles etched on my arm in February 1986. “Dr X,” a physician in Arles, France, who prefers to remain anonymous, had a triangular rash appear around his navel after his experience. Sifting through this colloquy will be the symbol of the triangle. While the colloquy was taking place neither I nor any of the participants was aware of the symbol’s importance”.


“The fundamental idea of the triad as a creative energy is that two opposite forces coming into balance create a third force. The rather theatrical event that Dr. X perceived was intentionally or not, an illustration of this principle. Could it have been a communication, even a request for some sort of response? The imprinting of triangles on myself and Dr. X may also have a similar significance”.


“The idea of the triad is not static. it is an expression of a series of emanations. the third force emerges when the first and second forces come into balance, and when all three are in harmony they become a fourth thing, an indivisible whole. I do not wish to imply by this anything beyond a human context. It is possible for man to become more whole, for each of us to make our private journey back to the place of emergence, and find there the simplest and most real of truths . . .”


“In ancient Taoist thought the fundamental force in the universe was duality, the yin and the yang, positive and negative, thrusting and opening, seeking and waiting, male and female. This was also thought by the Aztec and many other cultures to be fundamental to everything. And the duality, when it was in harmony formed the triad”.


“The triad cannot become strong unless it is preceded by a strong duality. Without the friction of bodies there can be no child, and the universe cannot proceed. There must first be two forces, equal opposites, one that pushes and one that resists”.


“When the opposition between two is in balance, the third force emerges. Perhaps the French call the moment of sexual climax “the little death” because it suggests the passing of the parents and the turning of the generations. Or maybe because it is like the death of self that is involved in entering pure being, climax being a moment when the self is absorbed in ecstasy”.


“The third force is not a small thing: It is the immense progress of life, the very movement of the universe toward whatever goal it seeks. First and second forces are people struggling in bed. Third force is at once their frantic union and the whole urgency and implication of creation. It is their mutual attraction, the friction of their bodies – and their child”.


“This is the ecstatic objectivity that the Western seeker cherishes, the nirvana of the Hindu, the blooming lotus of Zen.


Extracts taken from Communion by Whitley Strieber. (Arrow Books. 1987.)

“My tall visitor showed me a symbol, which recurred in our discourse over several nights. It showed three dots placed in a triangular formation. I couldn’t get this symbol out of my mind and I knew it was important”.


.      .


The Kent Bedroom Visitors, Alien Encounters Magazine, Issue 1, Spring 1996. p. 95.

“Here is part of his Mother Ann's diary for 1995: Sept 20: Jason complained of a pain in his side this morning. Showed me a red triangular-shaped mark on his rib cage. Later there was no sign of it”.


Complex British Abduction Case Told In New Book.

See also, Abducted by Ann Andrews and Jean Ritchie, Headline Book Publishing Ltd.

“ . . . There is a pattern in the abduction phenomenon which shows that abductees come to realise a spiritual contentment which in turn prompts them to become environmentally aware and improves their ability to see the larger connections of life. This is also the case with those who get in touch with their spiritual side through forms of out of body experiences where a creative balance is striven for and is often reached. Debbie Jordon Kauble reflects this quality of her abductions when she says “whether it was intentional or just a by-product of the experiences themselves, they have opened up something inside me, something in my mind”. Many wonder about the intentions of the Abductors and if it is this balanced awareness that they want us to achieve, but it doesn’t matter at this stage if it is the main focus of their interaction or just a fringe benefit. What matters is that it is happening and it appears to be a valuable tool for understanding the abductions themselves. Therefore perhaps it would be more beneficial for researchers to concentrate on how to find the answers, instead of speculating about what we will find if we got them. It almost certainly will not be what we expect.

As a method for controlling the world, left brain reasoning developed and became the only truth in most modern societies, but it is not normal to perceive this to be the case. The actual truth is that both hemispheres of the brain are meant to be used equally to create balance. Progress is currently being made by Maralyn L. Teare who has recognised the ‘dysfunctional model’ of current abduction research and has developed successful procedures to facilitate the recovery of right brain techniques. It appears to be the case that by achieving the best of both brains the road to discovery will be opened”.

‘Grey Matter: The best of both brains’ . Sightings Magazine. Issue 4, pp 10–11.

“In Communion Whitley Strieber dedicates a whole chapter to the notion that the balance between two seemingly separate areas will create a third force. This third force has the potential to be a very creative combination of left and right brain perception but as Strieber says, the two fundamental forces have to be balanced in order to be productive”.


‘Grey Matter: The best of both brains’ . Sightings Magazine. Issue 4, pp 10–11.

More relevant quotes from the chapter of Communion:

“What emerges from this study is the need for a balance to be reached within ufology as is happening within the minds of many abductees”.

‘Grey Matter: The best of both brains’ . Sightings Magazine. Issue 4, pp 10–11.

“There is as well a striking symbolic consistency, which lies hidden within many of the accounts I have heard and read. It has almost no reference to modern Western culture, and so is not particularly likely to have been drawn from some general pool of background symbols. But the symbol is very ancient, as it happens, and through much of human history was tremendously important. I have had a lifelong interest in it – really, an obsession. The others in the colloquy all noted its presence. It is mentioned in many of the tapes people have allowed me to hear, and it appears in the drawings they have made. It is an incidental, though. Before now, nobody has seen it as a general symbol of the visitors.

The symbol is the triangle. Buckminster Fuller, in his autobiography, called it the “fundamental building block of the universe”. It is the central symbol of growth in many ancient traditions. An understanding of it is the key to the riddle of the Sphinx and to the pyramid as the mark of eternal life. G. I. Gurdjieff relates it to the “three holy forces” of creation and it is the main sense of the Holy Trinity”.

Communion by Whitley Strieber. (Arrow Books. 1987.)

Figure 1: The Polarity of the Triad in the traditional colours Red, White and Black.

The two opposites are divided by a straight, ‘neutral’ centreline

As expressed in the quote above, the metaphysical principles locked-up within the symbol of the Triad (often a simple equilateral triangle), were adopted by the Sufi mystic Gurdjieff, and has now become familiar to us via his own system in which he referred to its hidden principle as the ‘Law of Three’.

Sometimes emphasis is either 1), given to the central, middle ground or  'midpoint' – the neutral, 'third force' point of balance – between the first two forces at the base of the triangle. Or 2), the apex of the triangle, in which the first two lower forces are elevated by uniting and fusing at the apex where both are neutralised altogether, becoming a “third thing” – again, the 'third force'.


We see this clearly in the following quote which addresses the triangle theme mentioned in the book Communion by Whitley Strieber; about how the first two forces relate to the division or duality in consciousness associated with our left and right brain perceptions, and how the 'third force' relates to the balance or sychronisation of both which allows a more heightened and enlightened perception:

The following quote based on the chapter of Communion from which the quotes above were taken is important:

What does the writer mean by this?


The writer is saying that in Ufology today, and within the so-called 'UFO community', the same  division is expressed, and this is one of the reasons why after more than half a century, many of us are no closer to solving the UFO enigma.


When people first began observing Unidentified Flying Objects in the skies, there was a divide between the 'believers' of the phenomenon which were mostly those who were right-brain dominant, and the 'unbelievers' – those who were mostly left-brain dominant.


As time went on, more and more left-brain dominant people began to accept that there was indeed something going on in the skies that had to have a rational explanation, and some had even become interested enough to join various UFO groups to learn more and also give their rational views and theories a voice. Over time these left-brain dominant people then began to dominate the UFO groups and the UFO community with their more down-to-Earth “nuts and bolts” explanations.


This move by the left-brainers into the UFO community so as to bring some rational common sense to the phenomena experienced and at last establish a logical explanation, was really the result of the right-brainers moving further into the more fringe-related, 'high-strange', intangible aspects of the phenomenon.


So then, the reason why the physical, and objective “nuts and bolts” view of UFOs, as being piloted by “Extraterrestrials” from other planets or star systems is largely accepted within the UFO community, is because it is actually a probable, scientific hypothesis and therefore it is more acceptable within society which is largely made up of 'left-brain dominant' people, and why this view is widely believed and defended ferociously in the UFO community by the left-brainers who now dominate the UFO community . . . (I).


On the other side of the coin, there are now those who believe the phenomenon is something more than that – i.e., “ultra-terrestrial” visitors from 'parallel dimensions' or other realities – also 'time travellers' from our future. Because of the high strangeness aspect of the phenomenon, these alternative views are more accepted and believed by those who are mostly right-brain dominant . . . (O).


However it is those who actually experience the phenomenon which is the most interesting aspect of this duality, because the 'experiencers' are those whose minds and consciousnesses are more balanced – being able to use both sides of the brain at the same time – and therefore they are somehow more 'attuned' to being able to reach, or access that 'fusion' point (non-dual state) in consciousness which is conducive to these kinds of experiences . . . (Φ).


Perhaps this balanced and 'synchronised hemispheres' perception has even been induced in these people by the intelligence behind the phenomenon so they can experience it.


And its perhaps right to say that the more creative 'right brain dominant' people are more likely to achieve that balance between the two sides and experience paranormal phenomena – i.e., those things that are generally “outside” the normal default parameters of consensus reality, which again is set and reinforced by the consensus which is left-brain dominant.

Could it really be that through this phenomenon we are being taught the principle of balance, which was known and practised by the ancients, and that it is the key to everything?

“This need for balance is fundamental to more than the process of reconciling oneself with the apparent meaning of visitation. It is also fundamental to understanding the experience. For the experience does have its symbolic centre in the number three and the triangular shape. The visitors often appear in threes. They project triangular lights. They have been reported to wear various types of triangular devices and emblems. People see three pyramids or three triangles in connection with them. A huge triangular shaped object is sometimes sighted. I had triangles etched on my arm. Dr X and his son developed triangular rashes. I spent fifteen years involved with the Gurdjieff Foundation, primarily because so much of the thought of G.I Gurdjieff and his disciple P. D. Ouspensky involved the triad as a primary expression of the essential structure of life, and I have always been fascinated with the significance of this figure”.


Communion by Whitley Strieber. (Arrow Books. 1987.)

Allusions to the ‘Neutral Point’ (Third Force) in Quotation and Literature

“Where the skull divides there lies the Gate of of God”


The Taittireeya Upanishad

“Two things alone cannot be satisfactorily united without a third; for there must be some bond between them drawing them together. And of all bonds the best is that which makes itself and the terms it connects a unity in the fullest sense”.


Timaeus. Plato.



“It says when you put two minds together, there is always a third mind, a third and superior mind, as an unseen collaborator”.


The Third Mind By William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin.



“But mind can only move in the sphere of the known, in the sphere of time. Whereas we refer to God as the unknown, the timeless, is it not? Till a certain stage in the three dimensional, our mind can serve us to our advantage. But to reach the fourth dimension of existence, the mind instead of moving along the horizontal plane, [back and forth like a pendulum] must learn to shoot up vertically as it were and explode for the timeless, for the unknown to be”.


A Conversation with J. Krishnamurti. C.L. Nahal. (Arya, 1965.) p. 7.  

“Hemi-Sync (short for hemispheric synchronization) uses patterns of sound to help create simultaneously an identical wave form in both brain hemispheres. This means that when your ear hears a certain type of sound signal, the brain tends to respond or “resonate” with similar electrical signals. Knowing that various electrical brain waves are indicators of states of consciousness (such as awake or asleep), you thus can listen to a similar sound pattern and it will help you be in the desired state of awareness.

Hemi-Sync takes the process an important step further. Each ear sends its dominant nerve signal to the opposite brain hemisphere, following the X pattern. When separate sound pulses are sent to each ear (using headphones to isolate one ear from the other), the halves of the brain must act in unison to “hear” a third signal, which is the difference between the two signals in each ear. For example, if you hear a sound measuring 100 in one ear and another signal of 125 in the other, the signal your whole brain will “generate” will be 25. It is never an actual sound, but it is an electrical signal that can only be created by both brain hemispheres acting and working together”.


“The signal so generated is narrow-band in frequency and often twice the amplitude or strength of a typical EEG brain-wave form. If the 25 signal (above) is one that produces a certain type of consciousness, then the whole brain – both hemispheres – is focused in an identical state of awareness at the same time. Most important, the condition can be changed at will by changing the sound pattern. It also can be learned and re-created from memory when the need arises”.


“We also began to recognise that we were creating for the participant a door-way, a window, a gap through which he could achieve other states of consciousness. Thus it became known as the Gateway Program”.


“It is inevitable that the borders between this and other reality-energy systems are crossed. Many of the results are reported as reunions with “dead” friends and family as well as encounters with other forms of intelligent energy not generally recognized or accepted by mainstream American cultural levels”.


Extracts taken from Far Journeys by Robert A. Monroe. (Doubleday 1985.)  

“The opinions of the true believers are hard to swallow; and the opinions of the die-hard sceptics are not based on reality either. There is some middle ground”.

John G. Miller

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind by C. D. B. Bryan.  

“The two halves [brain] need to combine their functions. When this happens, the result is far greater than either could achieve individually. In The Dam Busters, Paul Brickhill describes how the planes that bombed the Moener dam maintained an exact height above the water; a powerful light was placed in the nose and tail of each aeroplane, so the two beams crossed at the necessary height.

All the pilot had to do was to reach the height at which there was only one circle of light on the water instead of two, then release his bombs. In the same way, the faculties of the right and left hemispheres, of insight and logic, can be focused together at a single point. When this happens, the result is a sense of actuality, as if the mind had suddenly ‘got the distance’ between itself and the real world. For this sense of actuality I have suggested the term ‘Faculty X’.”


Frankenstein’s Castle by Colin Wilson, (1980).

‘Returning to the head of Lord Pacal found upon the floor of the tomb at Palenque; we can observe some unusual ‘objects’ resembling three-petalled flowers, strategically placed upon the head. From the forehead ‘flower’ a fountain-like pattern of lines resembling magnetic lines of force, emerges to cover the forehead and temple lobe areas. Examining all three ‘flowers’ together (on the three-dimensional head model) and assessing the common locus, we note that all three occupy the same axis and are positioned to impinge upon the central pineal / hypothalamus region of the brain, suggesting that these ‘flower’ shaped objects could be magnetic in nature. Could this have enabled the left and right hemispheres of the brain to function and communicate more effectively, thus increasing the operating efficiency of the brain? Could this concentrated field accommodate the storage of information in one neuro-hemisphere, the storage of the mirror image in the other hemisphere, and the processing power to overlay the contents of one hemisphere upon the other, rather like a computer programme which stores data in separate memories for independent processing?


The Mayan Prophecies. Adrian G. Gilbert & Maurice M Cotterell. (Element. 1965.) p. 368.



“The headpiece of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Diadem, was adorned with the Cobra or Uraeus on the left side and the Vulture on the right. Politically, the Diadem was symbolic of the union of Upper and Lower Egypt. Metaphysically, however, the images correspond to the association of the Serpent with wisdom and the intellect, and the Vulture with intuition and assimilation, the respective functions of the brain. The union of both right and left hemispheres in bilateral symmetry results, ideally, in the perfect man; the enlightened one, as all Pharaohs were held to be. The Diadem was modelled on the anatomical structure of the human brain. Enlightenment, though, is fraught with the constant struggle between discrimination, rationalization and logic on one hand, and the clearer, more direct insight of the intuitive vision on the other. Meditative techniques were designed to eliminate this struggle, to overcome the duality and to promote a more balanced condition”.


“Sir James Jeans (1877 - 1946), eminent British astronomer and mathematician, has stated that throughout the universe (and nature) there exist ‘singular points or centres from which, and through which, energy from a higher sphere streams into our physical universe and in turn streams out. He has stated:”


“Matter is poured into our universe from some other and entirely extraneous spatial dimension so that to a denizen of our universe they appear as points at which matter is continually created. In the vastness of Space such points are the Spiral Nebulae”.


“Eastern tradition names these singular points ‘laya centres’, or centres of neutrality which act as points of exchange of energy. In physics at the molecular level, they are referred to as ‘Vacuums’”.


Extracts from The Sign of the Serpent: The Key to Creative Physics. Mark Balfour (Prism Press 1990.)



“We are in the centre. And we do not wish to sound as if we are perfect or as if we are egotistical, but on either side of us there is the positive and there is the negative. and when I say this I mean there is the positive that is not balanced, and there is the negative that is not balanced. We are in the centre, and we are balanced. We are trying to bring those other forces into balance. We have never been out of balance. It is other things in the Universe that are not in balance. We exist at the pivotal point of the Universe. There is a balance. Within each of you there is all of the positive and all of the negative of the Universe”.


The Only Planet of Choice. Essential Briefings from Deep Space. 

Channelling the ‘Council of Nine.’ Transceiver: Phyllis V. Schlemmer.

1993, 1994,1996. (Gateway Books.)  p. 11.



“His work had two sides to it – the one rational and ‘scientific’, the other intuitive and ‘artistic’ – yet  the two blended together and had definite points of reference one to the other. The patterns revealed on the acetates were not without their own logic and neither was the science without its own strange beauty. The two aspects of his work were like the faces of a coin or the hemispheres of the brain; they were two, yet one and the same”.


The Mayan Prophecies by Adrian G. Gilbert & Maurice M. Cotterell. (Element. 1995.) p. 12.

(Where A. Gilbert writes about his co-author M. Cotterell).

The Third Force

The last quote above describes a Lateral Thinker – which in my view is again related to this midpoint or balanced state of consciousness – as are flashes of insight and genius.


The following extract is from a book called New Perspectives by Stuart Holroyd:


Again, the duality between believers and non-believers as regards the UFO phenomenon, and of course the paranormal in general, appears to be associated with this duality of the mind and brain . . . and then there are the experiencers . . . who seem to be associated with the 'third force', in that they are naturally attuned to this state of consciousness – and at times are able to perceive or experience paranormal or mystical phenomena.


My own view is that the UFO phenomenon like all paranormal phenomena, is associated with this 'third force' in consciousness, in that it is experienced as something REAL and UNREAL at the same time – and again, it takes a third state of consciousness to experience it, no matter how awake a person feels he or she is when experiencing something paranormal, out of the ordinary or unexplained.


This state of being and consciousness on behalf of the experiencer, seems to be the 'gateway' that the intelligence behind the phenomenon is using – in that the source of the phenomenon appears to be associated with a 'third state' or 'third reality' which is only perceived by those who are in this same state of consciousness.






















The UFO phenomenon, like all paranormal phenomena, appears to be associated with this third realm. The intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon appears to have adopted and developed a symbiotic technology based on the principle of the 'third force', that is a fusion of both hardware-tech (relating to the PHYSICAL-REAL-Objective aspect of reality) and software-tech that drives it (relating to the MIND CONSCIOUSNESS-UNREAL-Subjective aspect of reality).


Think 'Out of Body Experience', and imagine a collective OBE form of travel powered by the non-local sourced, psychic mental ability of those “traveling without moving” through time and space, together as one “hive-like” mind based on the principle of Quantum superposition or entanglement.








If so, then it's most likely that this Psi-technology evolved from advanced and highly-developed Quantum Computers based on quantum tunnelling technology.



































It is an information universe and at the most fundamental level, both consciousness and reality are mathematical constructs linked by  Fourier transforms. 















Based on what I have only touched on above about the non-dual nature of quantum, superposition, entanglement and quantum computer processing, is it not logical that the intelligence(s) behind the UFO phenomenon has figured out how to move about in space and time, between worlds, realities and dimensions with the power of consciousness? 


Of course because we are still dual in nature as reflected in our choice of one thing over another, our likes and dislikes, our prejudices, our biases, and our views, perceptions and everyday experiences, in general we haven't yet figured out the Mind-Matter problem, and we are just as bewildered about the UFO phenomenon.


The 'third force' gateway in consciousness, appears to be a blind spot for us – much like how a subatomic entity is really a PARTICLE and WAVE at the same time, how Schrodinger's hypothetical cat is both ALIVE and DEAD at the same time and how in the Hypnagogic state, which we will be looking at in the next presentation, we are AWAKE and ASLEEP at the same time.


However this third, paradoxical state of reality is where the phenomenon appears to be operating from and entering into our reality.  In other words, while most of us are viewing the world as either 'black and/or white', you could say the phenomenon is entering and exiting through the neutral “gray” area. We can see how symbolically, the appearance of little “grey men”  is appropriate.

Imagine a coin being tossed into the air, and landing showing neither heads or tails as it would when laying flat, but has done the impossible by landing on it's edge. This balancing act is akin to achieving the state of consciousness coordinate with the third force.


Many times, Gurdjieff talked about the 'third force' being a blind spot for us. (I have emphasised the relevant quotes in blue):



“Jung hypothesized that there existed a realm of being between the physical and the psychical, what Wolf calls the ‘third reality’, located ‘between the earthly mundane and the completely abstract world of concepts’. Others – among them Islamic scholar Henri Corbin, psychologist Kenneth Ring, folklorist Peter Rojcewicz, and physicist Werner Heisenburg – have referred to this third reality as the ‘Middle Realm’ or Imaginal Realm’.  ‘The Imaginal Realm is real’, Wolf asserts, ‘but not physical, and as such it is not unlike Jung’s notion of the psychoid archetype and a related alchemical idea he calls the unus mundus (one world). It is a place where psyche and nature manifest with a dual aspect not resolving itself into either of its two aspects’. Rojcewicz, professor of humanities at New York’s Juilliard School, explains this concept as follows’:


“The psychoid nature of the unus mundus is a blurred reality genre. The psychoid realm raises questions of perceptions and epistemology. In our materialist tradition we are trained to develop a monocular vision and see only the physical. If we happen to see a blurred-reality genre, that is something in an ambiguous ontological state, most of us would likely see only the most conspicuous physical aspect of it. Some of us would fail to see anything at all. As far as we know about the process of perception, the brain intercedes from moment to moment, matching up and synthesizing what is occurring out there with what it has already recorded. Psychoid phenomena raises the question of whether or not an event takes place in an intermediate realm which doesn’t manifest exclusively in a physical objective way or leave a trace”.


“ ‘Psychoid events’, Wolf speculates, ‘are occurring in a realm of reality that does not fit into material physics. Yet, psychoid events have both a partial and temporary physical manifestation’ ”.


Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind by  C.D.B.Bryan.  (Orion, 1995.)    p. 387-388.


Diagram of Consciousness

“The quantum mind or quantum consciousness hypothesis proposes that classical mechanics cannot explain consciousness, while quantum mechanical phenomena, such as quantum entanglement and superposition, may play an important part in the brain's function, and could form the basis of an explanation of consciousness”.

Quantum Mind, Wikipedia.

“At its heart, a quantum computer works with switches that do not only exist in "on"       and "off"  

       states but also in states that are simultaneously "on" and "off".        They are known as qubits (pronounced "cubits") and by accounting for the dual nature of a qubit it becomes possible for a quantum computer to perform many calculations in parallel. Put simply, if a classical computer gives one answer if a switch is "on" and another when the switch is "off" then one would need to perform the calculation twice, once for each possibility, to collect both possible answers. With a quantum computer, the calculations can be done at the same time”.


Quantum Computing, The Guardian, 6th May 2012.




Figure 2: The Cross of Divided Consciousness (vertical) and Divided Mind (horizontal)

The book An Arrow Through Chaos: How We See into the Future by David Loye (2000.) is essential reading. Loye's book concentrates on how precognition (picking up information from the future) might exist and could be measured or registered within the processes of the physical brain.

Loye’s conclusion, like mine, and like those whose works and statements I have quoted on this page, is that a ‘third state’ of consciousness exists through which we are able to transcend time and space, and that this ‘third state’ is associated with the different frequencies of both sides of the brain being somehow synchronised, superimposed or fused together.


In terms of time, Loye consigns what he calls ‘serial time’ to the left brain, ‘spatial time’ to the right brain, and ‘timeless time’ to ‘something other’ – again, a third state of consciousness arising from the fusion of both. Loye touches on the suggestion that this ‘timeless time’ is associated with the ‘Unconscious’ and not surprisingly he cites Jung’s theories about the ‘Collective Unconscious.’

Copyright © Gary Osborn 2012. All Rights Reserved.

To really see and grasp the connections this centred state or 'altered state of consciousness' has with the processing ability of a Quantum Computer, here is a quote from an article titled, ‘Computing in other Worlds’.


Underneath the title of the article are the words: ‘Quantum physics is much more than just a theory – it’s the future . . . meet the computer that runs in parallel universes’.

“You are about to enter an era where computers will be quite literally in another world. Today’s massive parallel computers use many processors to work on just one problem at the same time; but quantum computers use other universes. Normal computers manipulate units of information, or bits, each of which can take the values 0 or 1.

‘ . . . Quantum computation is based not on standard bits but on ‘qubits,’ short for ‘quantum bits’. A classical bit can take the value 0 or 1, but a qubit is both 0 and 1 at the same time”.


Computing in Other Worlds, Focus Magazine, 1997.

It seems then that in principle and by the same process – i.e., I (male-related, left brain, conscious-self) + O (feminine-related right brain, subconscious) = Φ – one “will be quite literally in another world”.


We can also see, that the same 'spark' of creation, which can take place through 'sexual intercourse' between the two genders of our species and which can bring an individual into this world as a new born child, is in essence the same process by which a person enters the “otherworld” or worlds of the spirit – but this time via the mind or consciousness – i.e., via the same fusion that takes place between the masculine and feminine sides of the individual – evident in the synchronisation that can take place or is induced between the two hemispheres of the brain.

The Illuminati and their ideas about the 'Third Force' with which I ended the previous presentation, are directly attributed to George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831), who was once a Grandmaster of the Illuminati.


Here's a quote by David Icke, who believes in the conspiracy theory often wrongly propounded by others that the Illuminati are the “Satan-worshipping”, elite bloodline families – the rich and powerful “men behind the curtain” –  who want to enslave humanity.

As you will see, in light of all the above what David Icke has to say is quite ironic:

The irony is that Icke believes that the Illuminati are the elite that have taken the principle tenet of Hegel's ideas and have used them in a corrupt, and Machiavellian way by using the opposing systems of Marxism, Facism and Capitalism when it has suited them, to create conflict and enslave us all under a New World Order – not realising that Hegel was in fact an Illuminatus – a Grandmaster of the Illuminati, and that on the contrary the Illuminati are actually trying to liberate mankind from the “evil clutches” of the elite – the Old World Order – who in many ways have already enslaved us and are happy to allow Icke and other conspiracy theorists to spread their propaganda against the Illuminati, their oldest and most feared opponents.


And again it is the Pythagorean Illuminati who wish to “reboot” society by installing a fair and balanced Meritocratic system of government – the same political system adopted in the Star-Trek series, which brings us back to the associative connections that exist with the information given in the Penniston binary code and perhaps the message we are all meant to receive to bring about a better world.  


It would appear  – although this is still only conjecture at this stage – that the intelligence behind the transfer of the code are associated with, or were, the same advanced intelligence that instructed the wisest amongst the people in ancient times and whose preserved knowledge and wisdom eventually led to the organisation of the world's oldest and most secret society known as the Illuminati.


There is also a connection between the Illuminati and the 'binary code system' itself – the language in which the Rendlesham code was delivered – perhaps a connection that we were also expected to make. It could be that the reason why the message was transferred via binary code, is that the binary code language of I and O is itself symbolic – not only of the positive and negative opposites and the balance and union of these two opposite forces through which we then derive the 'third force', but also contains further connections associated with the Illuminati, whose original members which were made up of a loose group of philosophers, nomadic thinkers and mystics in ancient times, so it is said, first received their knowledge of geometry, mathematics, science and metaphysical wisdom from “illumined beings” they call the “Phosters” . . . “Shining Ones”.








It was the German mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646 – 1716), who first “refined the binary number system, which is at the foundation of virtually all digital computers”. (See here).


The above is common knowledge. However, what wasn't common knowledge until only recently, is that Leibniz, who was also a salaried alchemist in his time, and like Adam Weishaupt, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel who succeeded him, was also a Grandmaster of the Illuminati. Another interesting connection is the fact that for many years Leibniz had been in correspondence with the Jesuit polymath, Athanasius Kircher, who in turn was a close friend of Nicolas Poussin.


Here's a quote from the Illuminati literature which is presently being published:








As also expressed by the Illuminati, it is thanks to Leibniz' Binary Code system that we have computers today, and it is thanks to Leibniz' Calculus (which is the calculus used today and Not Sir Isaac Newton’s fluxions calculus), that we were able to launch a satellite into an orbit.


We are told that Leibniz may have been the first computer scientist and information theorist, and so we can see that it is thanks to Leibniz, an Illuminatus, that computers exist and which is leading us to the next step . . . the development of quantum computer technology.


See: The Universal Computer: The Road from Leibniz to Turing. WW Norton, 2000, by Martin Davis,  

in which he discusses Leibniz's prophetic role in the emergence of calculating machines and of formal languages.


We are also told that early in life, Leibniz documented the binary numeral system (base 2), and that he then revisited that system throughout his career.

See La Logique de Leibniz by Lois Couturat, Paris: Felix Alcan (1901), p. 473–78.















As regards physics, Leibniz anticipated Albert Einstein by arguing, against Newton, that space, time and motion are relative, not absolute: “As for my own opinion, I have said more than once, that I hold space to be something merely relative, as time is, that I hold it to be an order of coexistences, as time is an order of successions”. 


In psychology, Leibniz was also one of the first thinkers to highlight the significance of the unconscious and the enormous part it played. He anticipated the distinction between conscious and unconscious states, observing that most souls remain locked in unconsciousness and that the universe is essentially unconscious with a few bright rays of consciousness.


See: The Last Man Who Knew Everything by Mike Hockney (pseudonym), Hyperreality books, 2012.


As regards metaphysics, Leibniz's best known contribution is his theory of the Monad, as exposited in his Monadologie.


“Monads are centres of force; substance is force, while space, matter, and motion are merely phenomenal”.

See here.


I was told back in 1997 that the Leibniz 'Monads' theory has a lot in common with the views and theories I was proposing at that time and which are now presented on this page (See my presentation, Sunya), much of which was first written in 1997 and then updated and first published on the Internet in 2005. What is notable is that Leibniz viewed the 1 and 0 binary system and the Monad to be closely associated with the ground-state of reality and pure-being (consciousness) and the source-centre of creation itself . . .

















Now it's interesting that Leibniz was also familiar with the Chinese oracle known as the I Ching, or Book of Changes – a system of trigrams and hexagrams – based on binary opposites. Liebniz was sent the Shao Yung arrangement of 64 hexagrams by the Jesuit missionary Jaochim Bouvet who believed that the I Ching was the creation of Hermes Trismegistus. Liebniz “recognised the I Ching to be a preexisting version of the very binary code he was in the process of discovering”.


I quote the line above to bring attention to the fact that a connection has now been made (in the last week as I write this) between the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and Jim Penniston's Binary Code, in an article in which Leibniz is also mentioned.


See here Breaking the Penniston Binary Code by William Douglas Horden, posted on May 23, 2013.


Furthermore, in Chinese folklore we also find mention of the deities or “Shining Ones” known as Fuxi or Fu-Hsi and his wife Nu Gua, who are said to be responsible for civilising the Chinese after the Great Flood which the Chinese date to around 3,330 BCE.

We are told that Fuxi not only invented the set-square and compass – symbols that were later adopted by Freemasonry – but also invented the I Ching, which was then given to the Chinese people as a gift.


“. . . harmonizing the Yin and Yang of human nature” . . . by means of bringing attention to the 'third force', no doubt.


“Leibniz was the founder of the modern Illuminati insofar as he purged the Order of many of the excessive mystical and Mythos elements that had crept in over the centuries, and restored it to Pythagorean mathematical purity, where it has remained grounded ever since. We refer to Leibniz as “God’s Philosopher”, so it’s appropriate that his first name contains the word God (“Gott”)”.


The Last Man Who Knew Everything (The God Series), Mike Hockney (pseudonym), Hyperreality books, 2012.

“Leibniz anticipated Lagrangian interpolation and algorithmic information theory. His calculus ratiocinator anticipated aspects of the universal Turing machine. In 1934, Norbert Wiener claimed to have found in Leibniz's writings a mention of the concept of feedback, central to Wiener's later cybernetic theory.


“Leibniz was groping towards hardware and software concepts worked out much later by Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace. In 1679, while mulling over his binary arithmetic, Leibniz imagined a machine in which binary numbers were represented by marbles, governed by a rudimentary sort of punched cards”. See here: 


“Modern electronic digital computers replace Leibniz's marbles moving by gravity with shift registers, voltage gradients, and pulses of electrons, but otherwise they run roughly as Leibniz envisioned in 1679”.


Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Wikipedia

“Converting an immaterial, dimensionless thought into a physical action seems an impossibility. But if the physical action is a mirror of the mental idea, then this is exactly what is achieved by Fourier mathematics; where information in the frequency domain (outside space and time) can be converted into an equivalent representation in space and time.


By use of Fourier mathematics, the spacetime domain is in fact a mathematical mirror of the non-spacetime domain. Mind-matter interactions are simply spacetime 'mirrorings' of non-spacetime functions, and vice versa (via feedback loops)!


The mirror is simply a mathematical instrument: the Fourier transform, and its mirror, the inverse Fourier transform. Holography is all about Fourier mathematics. Our universe is nothing but a self-generating hologram. The solidity of the material world is just a curious mirror of the mental world, proceeding by way of mathematical transforms”.

Source: Mind over Matter 12th May 2013.


Symbolically meaningful and appropriate – not only to the philosophy of the Pythagorean Illuminati, but also timely coinciding with the Illuminati's emergence from the shadows of history as it were – was the release of an album on March 14th, 2011 by the early 70s English prog-rock band Van Der Graaf Generator, entitled A Grounding in Numbers.


As mentioned on the Wikipedia page dedicated to it, the release date of March, 14 if written as 3,14, comprises the first three digits of the number π (pi).


The album was released on a new label, Esoteric Records, while the previous album by Van Der Graaf Generator, Trisector, released by Virgin in March 2008, was  listed as 'An Illuminati Production', which is interesting.


After the first track appropriately titled, Your Time Starts Now, is the track Mathematics.


The lyrics of 'Mathematics' are written by vocalist Peter Hammill, and the 18th century Swiss mathematician, Leonhard Euler's famous equation or formula is repeated like a mantra.


“Here be numbers transcendental,

on an imaginary axis spun,

decimal places without limit

and zero and one.



simply pure beyond belief.


e to the power of i times pi plus one is zero

e to the power of i times pi plus one is zero

e to the power of i times pi is minus one

e to the power of i times pi is minus one


A single function, exponential,

just one addition must be done...

multiplication in completion

of zero, of one.



just so “wow” it brooks belief.


(You'd better believe, you'd better believe it.)”


The equation of “e to the power of i times pi plus one = zero” was presented on the front cover of a book published recently by the Illuminati entitled The God Equation by Mike Hockney (Pseudonym).



















Quoting from the book description:
























One could easily assume that the erudite Peter Hammill (whose music with Van Der Graaf I have enjoyed for many years by the way), had either been influenced by the Illuminati literature – even having had inside knowledge – or is himself an Illuminatus . . . which really wouldn't surprise me.


But what makes all this timely and even more symbolic for me personally – especially in light of the Rendlesham Code/Illuminati connections presented above and on the previous page – is the fact that the CD cover of the album features strings and strings of binary ones and zeros.



“Euler's Formula (aka Euler's Identity) is traditionally regarded as the most beautiful equation in all of mathematics. Yet it's so much more than that. It's the equation that governs the whole universe and even defines the human soul!


Euler's Formula is e^(ix) = cos x + i sin x.


In the specific case where x = π, e^(iπ) + 1 = 0.


Euler's Formula is the centrepiece of the hyperrational mathematical religion of the Pythagorean Illuminati, the most ancient secret society in the world.


Euler's Formula is the perfect complement for Leibniz's Monadology. Together, they form the most powerful intellectual combination in history, capable of explaining the whole of science and establishing a true grand unified theory of everything, embracing mathematics, science, philosophy, religion and psychology. It can even provide an entirely rational explanation of near-death and out-of-body experiences, and homeopathy. It also overturns Einstein's sacred principle of relativity and provides exactly the same mathematical results via an absolute framework that restores the “reality principle”.


In this groundbreaking book, we provide a complete solution of the Cartesian mind-body problem via the Fourier transform – which has the Euler Formula as its engine. We present the Riemann sphere, which works in perfect harmony with the Euler Formula, as the ideal working model of the human soul. And we give the first ever technical explanation of the process of reincarnation.


The Euler equation is everything you thought it was – and more. It's truly divine”.


The God Equation (The God Series) by Mike Hockney, Hyperreality Books, Sept 2012.

AGIN godequation1

“Illuminism is all about an ontological Cartesian-Gaussian 6D coordinate grid (the “ether”), based on three real and three imaginary axes (space and time), Euler's Formula (the God Equation), Fourier transforms, the Riemann Sphere, complex numbers (rather than the “real” numbers of scientific materialism) and ontological calculus based on monads and infinitesimals. It provides a complete explanation of reality – a grand unified theory of everything, including, mind, matter, life, consciousness, the unconscious and free will. All of it reflects mathematics. The universe is 100% mathematical”.

The God Equation (The God Series) by Mike Hockney, Hyperreality Books, Sept 2012.

A Grounding in Numbers

Gary Osborn

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1. Triangles, Triads and the Third Force

“It is a funny thing that two people can look at identical information and arrive at opposite conclusions”.

The Gods of Eden by William Bramley, 1993.

“Fu Hsi [Fuxi] is credited, among other things, with domesticating animals, breeding silkworms and teaching the art of fishing. He also invented music and the set-square and compasses to measure the Earth. He and his wife Nu Kua restored order to the world after it had almost been destroyed by the monster Kung Kung, not least by their invention of marriage as a means of harmonizing the Yin and Yang of human nature”.


The Book of the Unicorn by Nigel Suckling, Limpsfield, Paper Tiger, 1996, p. 128.

“Binary numbers are closely related to digital electronics. With digital electronics a ‘1’ means that current/ electricity is present and a ‘0’ means it is not present. The different parts of a computer communicate through pulses of current (1s and 0s). As we all know, computers can calculate complex equations and perform complex mathematics at lightning speed. Calculating using only 1s and 0s is called the BINARY SYSTEM”.

The Binary Number System. V. Ryan 2004 – 2009.

“Pythagoras believed both that numbers were the ultimate realities, and that the universe as a whole was harmonious, in that it manifested simple mathematical ratios, like those of the basic intervals in music (the ‘harmony of the spheres’). Leibniz accepted both these positions. His novel contribution was to make the numbers binary. Just as the whole of arithmetic could be derived from 1 and 0, so the whole universe was generated out of pure being (God) and nothingness. God’s creative act was therefore at one and the same time a voluntary dilution of his own essence, and a mathematical computation of the most perfect number derivable from combinations of 1 and 0.

Binary arithmetic was not merely a convenient notation for the hierarchy of all possible concepts, but it was the most faithful possible way of representing their very essence, with 1 and 0 themselves functioning as the only absolutely simple concepts. As Leibniz himself wrote, ‘Perhaps only one thing is conceived independently, namely God himself – and also nothing, or absence of being. This can be made clear by a superb analogy . . . [He then outlines the binary system, and continues:] I shall not here go into the immense usefulness of this system; it would be enough to note how wonderfully all numbers are thus expressed by means of Unity and Nothing. But although there is no hope in this life of people being able to arrive at the secret ordering of things which would make it evident how everything arises from pure being and nothingness, yet it is enough for the analysis of ideas to be continued as far as is necessary for the demonstration of truths’.”

Leibniz (Past Masters) by G. MacDonald Ross, Oxford Paperbacks (1984).

The Infinitesimal Infinite

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The ‘Third Force’ is the title of a chapter in Colin Wilson’s book, From Atlantis to the Sphinx.


After I had written to him, Colin sent me a signed copy of this book along with his reply. He said that I would find his last chapter ‘The Third Force’ interesting – implying that the major theme of this chapter which completes the book, may agree with my own conceptions about it. I would say that in many ways it did.


Colin Wilson had taken this term from the writings of Ouspensky, who again wrote about his association with the Sufi mystic Gurdjieff who borrowed the term 'Third Force' from Sānkhya – one of the major “orthodox” (or Hindu) Indian philosophies – and had used the term many times in his talks – many of which were recorded by Ouspensky.

He writes that the Third Force is a different kind of perception:


“I am arguing that evolution cannot be understood without this conecpt of the third force ”.


In his chapter on the subject of the Third Force Colin also discusses Hopi Indian rituals, the work of Schwaller de Lubicz, the Greek philospher and mathematician Pythagoras (whom we now know was the first official Grandmaster of the Illuminati), the Law of Seven and the Law of Three (both attributed to Pythagoras) the work of the author Michael Hayes, with whom I had first corresponded in 2005, and also the I Ching, or Book of Changes. (Some of these subjects and the connections between them are discussed in the next section below).

In this extract from his last chapter, Colin shows how the Third Force can manifest in different ways.
















During September of 2000, I visited Colin Wilson at his home in Cornwall. While in conversation about this energy, I referred to his books – especially the last chapter of From Atlantis to the Sphinx and the last chapter of his book about the UFO phenomenon Alien Dawn, which had touched on the subject of Zero-Point Energy. “Surely,” I said, “you must know that ‘Gurdjieff’s ‘Third Force’ and ‘Zero Point Energy’ are both one and the same thing?” Colin smiled and replied, “Yes, of course”.

“Pythagoreanism is sometimes called 'number mysticism', and Pythagoras attached great importance to the numbers three and seven, and to the laws governing musical notes. Gurdjieff had also spoken of the 'Law of Three' and the 'Law of Seven'. The Law of Three states that all creation involves a 'third force'.  We are inclined to think in terms of dualities: positive and negative, male and female, good and evil.

Gurdjieff stated that, instead, we should try to think in terms of three. Positive and negative merely counterbalance one another, but if anything is to come of them, they must be given a push by a third force. An obvious example would be the catalyst in a chemical reaction. Oxygen and sulphur dioxide do not naturally combine; but if passed over hot platinised asbestos, they form sulphur trioxide, from which sulphuric acid is made. The platinised asbestos remains unchanged. Another simple example would be a zip. The left and right of the zip need the fastener in the middle to make them combine. But perhaps Gurdjieff's most interesting illustration is of someone who wishes to change, to achieve greater self-knowledge, and in whom the forces of laziness act as a counterbalance. In this case, the breakthrough can occur through knowledge [gnosis] – a perception of how it can be be achieved, which brings a new drive and optimism. In other words, the third force is a kind of kick, an outside force that alters the balance of a situation, breaks a deadlock”.


From Atlantis to the Sphinx by Colin Wilson, Fromm Intl, (1997).

‘Lateral Thinking. A term coined by Edward de Bono, to describe an approach to problem-solving that transcends seemingly logical obstacles by reformulating the problem in a novel way. In the creation of novelty, in the realm of scientific thinking as well as of the arts, logic and reason play little part, and indeed may be positively inhibiting, for they are pattern-making and pattern-using mental functions that deal exclusively with the known and therefore cannot apprehend the unknown. For the unknown, the new, to become manifest, familiar patterns have to be disrupted, habitual modes of perception disoriented, novel insights and approaches provoked. Scientists have often attested that conceptual breakthroughs intractable to their reasoning powers have come to them adventitiously and illogically, as when the chemist Kekulé saw the structure of the benzine ring in a dream in the form of a snake with its tail in its mouth. The techniques of lateral thinking seek to provoke and stimulate such insights and to give rise to novelty by introducing randomly selected words and concepts as stimuli into the mental processes of problem solving’.


The Arkana Dictionary of New Perspectives by Stuart Holroyd (Arkana, 1990).

The above is an excellent description of lateral thinking – i.e., seeking to solve a problem by looking at the components of the problem in an entirely new and original way.


The word Lateral means ‘parallel’ or ‘simultaneous’. If we look up any Thesaurus we would find the following associative words and terms: Corresponding, Side-by-side and Coincident. This is interesting, because Lateral Thinking is associated with ‘synthesis’.


One solves a problem by seeing how all things are profoundly connected together – i.e., connected in ways that are not easily perceptible to the ‘linear’ thinking mind associated with the predominant left brain. So solving problems by lateral thinking is a mental achievement that comes from one’s ability to use both sides of the brain and so holistically perceive the connections between things, all together and at once! – a perception we would find ourselves incompetent to achieve while in our normal ‘linear’ modes of thinking.


Lateral thinking then, is the path that leads to insight, and of course esoteric and occult knowledge is a really a holistic knowledge based on associations between things. This is because this knowledge has been gathered together by insight.  


A person using the linear mode of consciousness cannot see things in a holistic way, because only a few things at a time can be connected slowly and in sequence. The general picture of scientists is much the same as those of us in society, in that many of us tend to rely on the limited, left-brain-related ‘linear’ perception of reality.


Lateral Thinking then is an aspect of the “third force”.


The UFO Phenomenon and the Third Force

The Illuminati and the Third Force

The UFO Phenomenon and Human Consciousness