One really has to study and at the same time draw-up and replicate the ancient proportional geometry in these symbolic sources as given in Higgins' books to appreciate the truth of what he is saying, and so we will come back to the geometry he is describing later.


Dr. Augustus Le Plongeon, Freemason and great explorer of the land of the ancient Maya at Yucatán, and who wrote many books in support of his claims of a connection between the Maya and the ancient Egyptians, writes:

The official line given by contemporary Freemasons is that the Masonic apron was developed from the apron worn by operative masons during the middle ages, or even as far back as ancient Rome.


However, according to high-ranking Freemasons like Albert C. Mackey, Frank C. Higgins and Albert Churchward, who were writing between the late 19th to early 20th centuries, the origins of the apron and its encoded sacred geometry as worn by the initiates and priests of many different cultures world-wide, goes far back into the mists of antiquity.


Indeed, according to Dr. Oliver, it appears to have been in ancient times an honorary badge of distinction.





























The ancient Egyptian initiate priests and Pharaohs wore ceremonial triangular-shaped aprons.


The Israelite priesthood wore a girdle and the Jewish sect of the Essenes clothed their novices with a white robe.


In Persia, those who were initiated into the mysteries of Mithras, were invested with a white apron.


In fact the royal standard of Persia was originally an apron in form and dimensions.


In Hindostan, the ceremony of investiture was preserved, but a sash, called the sacred zennar, was substituted for the apron.


In Japan the candidate into the mysteries was invested with a white apron, bound round the loins with a zone or girdle.


The Apron was also worn by the priests and initiates of the ancient central Mesoamerican civilisations and those of the north Amerian Indian cultures according to Higgins:


“One of the most astounding correlations of Modern Masonry with this ancient science is that the flap of the ordinary Master Mason's Apron, as worn in lodges and chapters today, is identical with that worn by the priests and initiates of the old Toltec, Inca, Quiche and Chibcha civilizations of Mexico, Peru and Columbia, being also the vertical axis of the celebrated Mexican pyramid of Chichen Itza and the great prehistoric mound near Miamisburg, Ohio, pictured on page 339 of Donnelly's 'Atlantis'.

The triangular derevation from the point of the flap to the lower corners of the Masonic apron are those of the great Egyptian pyramid and that of Xcoch, Mexico, pictured on page 341 of Donnelley's work. The Hopi Indian symbol of the universe is really a geometrical representation of the 'squaring of the circle' with an American teocalli or step pyramid placed anti-podean to an Egyptian pyramid. The American and Egyptian pyramids stand point to point in a perfect square in the ancient problem of 'squaring the circle'.”

Ancient Freemasonry: An Introduction to Masonic Archeology 

by Frank C. Higgins (First published in 1919) p. 74.

This 36-degree triangle intersecting the centre of the Moon becomes the symbolic flap or “bib” of the Master Mason's Apron.


Below is an illustration from page 19 of Ancient Freemasonry by Frank C. Higgins, who while revealing the angle proportions hidden within the traditional Master Mason's Apron, openly states that the geometric proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza are incorporated within it, which is perfectly correct.




















Higgins writes:





According to 32nd degree Mason Frank C. Higgins, the truest proofs of the time-defying antiquity of the Masonic Craft is not found in any documents or dates, but preserved, in the hidden mysteries of its symbolism.


He writes “Pre-eminent among these stands the Masonic Apron, without which no Mason of whatsoever rank is deemed to be “clothed”.”

The Apron: Its Traditions, History and Secret Significances by Frank C. Higgins,

F.R.N.S. President of the Magian Society. Past Pres. N. Y. Numismatic Club. (1914).


The Apron has also been celebrated in prose and poem:


“Emblem of a life intense,

Held aloof from the world of sense,

Of the upright walk and lofty mind,

Far from the dross of Earth inclined”.


The Apron: Its Traditions, History and Secret Significances by Frank C. Higgins, (1914).


The last line of this Masonic poem is significant — especially regarding my personal investigations into the Earth's axis angle, which I disovered had been encoded in numerous sources throughout history — because it implies that the 23.5-degree, inclined position of the Earth is again something that was seen as unnatural: the applied term “dross” implying that this condition of the Earth is associated with the “Fall of Man” into the 'lowly-based' regions and levels of human consciousness; the dualistic cycles; the preference for and dominating influence of one opposite over another that can easily create further imbalances without any awareness of the balancing 'third force' — a Tertium Quid (Latin for “third thing”)—  that can restore equilibrium and harmony to the system.


We are being told that the Mason who observes all the principles of 'balance' through the esoteric teachings of his craft, strives to rise above and beyond these conditions and become an example to others.


Indeed, the pure white lambskin apron is said to be a token to the virile energy of man and this ideal - i.e., his “control and restraint upon the animal passions and carnal lusts” which prove him free — a “slave not even to his baser self . . . not to be better than others, but, day by day, to be better than self. And also, day by day, to make the world better for others [. . .] Thus worn, the apron can be soiled only by sloth, can be stained only by idleness. It is purest and whitest when worn in self-forgetting Labor for others”.


Address of 111. John Lloyd Thomas, 33° Commander in Chief A. & A. S. R., Valley of N. Y.,

in presentation of Apron to Most Worshipful William Sherer,

Past Grand Master of the State of N. Y.

The triangular flap of the Master Mason's Apron, expresses the angle of 36 degrees – which as Higgins informs us – is the “Angle of the Sun”.


“Gold in ancient cabalism is the symbol of the solar light and the

cabalistic number of the sun was also "36," so these are synonymous” .


Ancient Freemasonry: An Introduction to Masonic Archeology by Frank C. Higgins (First published in 1919).


This poses a problem, because as we have noted, the apex of the 36-degree triangle in the Masonic Apron clearly points to the centre of the Moon.


How could this angle be related to the Sun, if it is the Moon that is being referenced in the Masonic Apron?


The answer is quite simple . . . BOTH the Moon and the Sun are being referenced . . . and this will be the subject of the next presentation.


It should be noted that with everything we have read so far, its a possibility that the Freemasons themselves are not aware of this very ancient encodement of knowledge pertaining to the combined proportions of the Earth and Moon that had been encapsulated within a simple geometric formula that Higgins and others believed had been originally devised by a scientifically-advanced, 'source culture' or “world-wide organisation” now lost; a mathematical formula that had been passed down through the symbolic devices of many different cultures, only then to be preserved within the proportions of their traditional Masonic Apron.

Squaring the Earth 4 sat

Secrets of the Masonic Apron:

Gary Osborn

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Squaring the Earth sat

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Figure 3: Squaring the Circumference of the Earth with a perfect equal-sided square.

Next we move the Square upward so that the base of the square aligns with the Equator.


The square then incorporates the Moon and at the same time gives reference to the top half or northern hemisphere of the Earth only, as we need only include and encode the radius of the Earth.

Squaring the Earth 2 sat

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Figure 4: Moving the Square upward so that the base of the square aligns with the Equator.

Keeping everything within the square only, the result is this:

Squaring the Earth 5 sat

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Figure 5: The Radius of the Earth and the Moon incorporated within the square.

We now add lines extending from each of the top corners of the square to the centre of the Moon where the 51.84º lines intersect.

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Figure 6: Adding lines from each of the top corners of the square to intersect at the centre of the Moon.

Of course being curious as to what the angle of these lines are, we discover that the angles of these lines, which create another triangle, are 36º exactly.

Squaring the Earth 6 sat

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Figure 7: The triangle of 36 degree sides.

“It has indeed been put forward by a number of Masonic essayists that the Masonic Apron was the survival of the Badge of Honor originally bestowed upon the builders of the Pyramids, basing the contention upon the triangular form of the flap, but in every context it is made apparent that no notion whatever is entertained of what the connection between the two figures might be except inasmuch as both were based upon triangles.

We propose to now show that there is a direct and most important connection, if not between the Masonic Apron and the Egyptian Pyramids, at least between those widely differing symbols and the peculiar Wisdom to which either stood, in a way, as the representative and Key”.


The Apron: Its Traditions, History and Secret Significances 

by Frank C. Higgins, F.R.N.S. President of the Magian Society.

Past Pres. N. Y. Numismatic Club. (1914).

5. from Page 19 of Ancient Freemasonry by Frank C Higgins

Figure 8: The Masonic Apron. Illustration from page 19 of Ancient Freemasonry, 1919.

With everything we have seen so far, there is indeed a connection between the Masonic Apron and the Egyptian pyramids – and specifically the Great Pyramid – its geometric blueprint having been derived from the same ancient Geometric Formula that the Apron had orginated from, as we will discover.


The simple fact is, as long as the Apron is made to the correct proportions, only the flap is needed to encode this information, with the rest of the information remaining concealed and invisible. Expressed this way, the Master Mason's Apron also resembles the letter 'M', which is not a coincidence as we will also discover in subsequent presentations.


Furthermore, the esoteric Laws of Three and Seven are also expressed.


We are told that the square apron of four corners (4) represents the material, and its triangular flap (3), represents the spiritual.

Together these numbers constitute the sacred number 7.


A favourite comment by Masons on the subject of the apron, says Higgins, is that the upturned flap represents man's spirit standing above matter and that the turning down of the flap indicates the descent of spirit into matter, "characteristic of the regenerated soul".


 The Apron: Its Traditions, History and Secret Significances by Frank C. Higgins, (1914).





1. Masonic Apron Sat 5. Masonic Apron Sat 3. Masonic Apron Sat 2. Masonic Apron Sat

Figure 9: The Masonic Apron and the "Cosmic Angles" of Freemasonry according to 32nd-Degree Mason Frank C. Higgins.

Figure 10: The ancient knowledge cleverly concealed within the  traditional Master Mason's Apron.

Gary Osborn

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“The Lambskin or White Leather Apron is an emblem of Innocence, the distinguished Badge of a Mason/ "Thus it was presented to us on our first entrance into the Ancient Craft;—Freemasonry's first gift to the neophyte. And thus it was presented to the Initiates of centuries ago in the Ancient Mysteries . . . ”


Address of 111. John Lloyd Thomas, 33° Commander in Chief A. & A. S. R., Valley of N. Y.,

in presentation of Apron to Most Worshipful William Sherer,

Past Grand Master of the State of N. Y.


We have already seen how the Great Pyramid side angles were derived from the combined proportions of the Earth and Moon - the knowledge of which is very ancient and based on the same simple geometric formula from which the Masonic Apron was derived.


How this information about the Earth and Moon was encoded within the Masonic Apron along with the Great Pyramid side angles of 51.84 degrees, is really very simple . . .


First of all we square the circumference of the Earth:

Masonic Mayan Yucatan sat

“That they [the Maya] were acquainted with exact sciences, there can be no doubt. They were mathematicians, astronomers, architects, navigators, geographers, etc. As well as the art they possessed the science of navigation, since they knew how to calculate longitudes and latitudes, as proved by the construction of the gnomon found by me at Mayapan.

They were therefore familiar with plane and spherical trigonometry. They had computed the size of the earth, estimated the distance from pole to pole, calculated the length of the meridian. In the construction of their sacred buildings, they invariably embodied their cosmogonic and religious conceptions, particularly in their Pyramids. (Teocalli or Step Pyramids, notably at Chichen-Itza). The several parts of these edifices were so arranged and proportioned as to agree with the ratio of the diameter to the circumference. Pi—3. 1415”.


Sacred Mysteries among the Mayas and the Quiche by Dr. August Le Plongeon, (1886).

Frank C. Higgins took great pains to uncover the true wisdom and knowledge encoded and preserved within the Masonic Apron by searching for its earliest origins and finding it in the ancient cultures of Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, Central and South America and North America.


The following quote reveals quite succinctly, the problems he faced in “re-educating” his fellow Masons on these facts, which shows that the original wisdom and knowledge preserved in the proportions of the Masonic Apron had largely been forgotten.










This apparent ignorance about the ancient origins of Freemasonry was a primary concern of Albert Churchward who writes:

“If the wonderful lesson of the Apron could only be taken properly to heart by every serious minded Brother it would be but a short step from the puerilities [immaturities] with which this paper opens to the inception of a grand and dignified return to the original purpose of Masonry, erected, as we now see, thousands of years prior to any civilization of which we have any present record, to the same ever living God, whom we worship and reverence as the Great Architect of the Universe”.

The Apron: Its Traditions, History and Secret Significances by Frank C. Higgins,

F.R.N.S. President of the Magian Society. Past Pres. N. Y. Numismatic Club. (1914).

Figure 2: Mayan sculpture of Sun God wearing a triangular-flap Apron. Discovered by Augustus Le Plongeon in Yucatán.

1. Masonic Apron Sat Image 15..

Figure 1: "The plate represents Pharaoh Ousirei, King of Egypt, in Masonic communication with one of that order, whose head is covered with a mask, representing the head of the Ibis — an excellent mode of mystifying. The King is invested with the triangular Masonic Apron, holding in his right hand the grand Masonic emblem and last grade obtained". Text from The obelisk and Freemasonry according to the discoveries of Belzoni and Commander Gorringe : also, Egyptian symbols compared with those discovered in American mounds by John A. Weisse, M.D. 1880.

(Plate from the Atlas by Giovanni Battista Belzoni entitled, Forty Four Plates illustrative of the Researches and Operations of Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia. 1820).

“It is a pity that Freemasons of the present day do not take more interest in the legacy left them by their forefathers. Who amongst us can, even for an hour, revert to the grand and sublime tenets of our craft, and study the origin of the signs and symbols attached to them, and then suppose for one moment that all these were evolved out of a band of operative Masons at the time of the Romans?

There is neither logic nor reason in, nor are there any facts to support such a theory. No, our Grand Order has originated from the sublime teachings of Ptah, which were carried out of Egypt by Moses, and the original or first High Priests of the Druids that came to these islands, and handed down from generation to generation, and it will last to the end of the present existence of the earth".


"We therefore assert that the signs, symbols, rites and ceremonies, and the principles inculcated, were identical with the Eschatology of the ancient Egyptians, carried out of Egypt by Moses and the High Priests, who came from Egypt and were afterwards known as the Druids, and that various origins, symbols and rites, practised in other parts of the world, were identical. Hence we purpose to bring forward other links in the broken chain which prove more conclusively that this was so, and that herein lies the Primordial of true Christian doctrines of the present day. We contend that the Great Pyramid of Gizeh was built in Egypt as a monument and lasting memorial of this early religion, on true scientific laws, by divine inspiration and knowledge of the laws of the Universe".


"Indeed, we may look on the Great Pyramid as the first true Masonic temple in the world, surpassing all others that have ever been built, with their secrets depicted on stone, symbolically, to be read by those who have been initiated into the secret mysteries of their religion, after having passed through the various degrees, for it was only men (Theopneustics) of the greatest honour and integrity who could possibly hope to attain to the highest or most sublime degree, and then only after long and patient study and many trials had been gone through to attain that end, and here in stone is set forth the passage of the "Tuat" and Amenta. What architect of the present day would undertake to erect a Pyramid like this Great Pyramid, which could stand for so many thousands of years without repair?”.


The Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man: Being An Explanation

Of The Evolution Of Religious Doctrines From The Eschatology

Of The Ancient Egyptians by Albert Churchward

M.D., M.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., F.G.S., P.M., P.Z. 30º.

(London, Swan Sonnenschein & Co. Lim. New York: E. P. Dutton & Company 1910).

Underneath the Master Mason's Apron . . .

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