tassilo orion sat
Tassilo chalice sat

Figure 3: Left: The St. Virgil-Tassilo Chalice.
The Tassilo Chalice is one of two major art works credited to St. Virgil, who commissioned them.
Dating from c. 770-790 AD, the bronze chalice, gilded with silver and gold is at Kremsmünster Abbey, Austria.
The chalice was donated by Luitpirga, wife of the Bavarian Duke Tassilo III,
for the establishment of the Benedictine Abbey at Kremsmünster in AD 777.
Photo by Don McKenna (2009).
Right: The Tassilo Chalice - symbolic of the Holy Grail - with Orion and the three belt stars superimposed.

There are other symbolic Holy Grail - cup examples that support this connection; like this image of the Holy Grail vessel with the Cross inside, and again where only three arms of the cross are supposedly visible.


Figure 4: Symbolic Grail cup or Chalice with the Crucifixion Cross inside.
The Cross represents the shamanic World Tree or Axis Mundi (celestial polar axis and Zero Prime Meridian)
which is held in place by the shamanic World Mountain (Great Pyramid), as symbolised by the triangular base of four sides.

The connection with Orion is the cross, which not only symbolises the Crucifixion Cross on which Jesus was crucified, but it also symbolises the shamanic axis mundi or 'cosmic axis' - the 'World Tree' - which is metaphorical of the Earth's celestial polar axis as well as the Zero Prime Meridian, which many researchers believe had once passed through Giza, aligned with the River Nile - the natural meridian of Egypt. The horizontal beam or arms of the Cross would symbolise the Ecliptic Plane and the Equinoctial Line which passed through Giza and the Sphinx.

The cross also symbolises the spine of the resurrection god, who for the ancient Egyptians, was the god Osiris, whose backbone was symbolised the Djed pillar or column - again, a symbol of stability and again, a shamanic axis mundi symbol.

Osiris and his soul (Sahu) was reflected in the Southern sky in the image of the constellation of Orion, which was seen to cross the Giza Meridian.

Just like the spear of Longinus that pierces Christ's right side while he hangs from the cross, the first belt star Al-Nitak, in Orion's right side - a star which actually represented Osiris in the belt star Triad - was targeted by the Southern shaft of the King's Chamber; the rising and setting positions of the belt stars on the Eastern and South Western horizons being used as a 'gauge marker' to pinpoint the end-beginning (alpha-omega) point and the halfway point in the 26,000-year cycle of Precession.

It was believed by initiates throughout history that this resurrection god or 'Shining One' (Osiris) would be resurrected, reborn, reincarnated, at the end of one Zodiac Age and the beginning of the next to teach mankind and remind man of his spiritual potential - hence the birth of Jesus Christ being on the cusp between end of the Age of Aries and the beginning of the Age of Pisces in the Precessional Cycle, and why Osiris was associated with previous Ages - e.g., the Age of Leo (Zep Tepi "First Time" as marked by the Sphinx which is a composite of Leo (Lion) and its opposite sign Aquarius (Man) - again marking the two points in the Precessional Cycle, and also incarnations of Osiris associated with the Age of Taurus and Aries.

In the example below, we see a snake (serpent) inside the symbolic Grail cup, which in esoteric Christian symbolism also doubles as the 'Poison Chalice' of St John the Evangelist.

Again, note the three visible diamond-shaped jewels on the stem symbolising the three "belt stars" of Orion.

The Grail cup associated with god, his creation and all things "good", is corrupted by the serpent that symbolises the Kundalini energy in man, which some believe entraps man in illusion relating to repeating cycles - the life cycle being one of them.

The serpent is associated with the god Set, whose name has become synonymous with Satan (the Devil) - the evil brother of the good god Osiris.

The soul of Set, also known as Typhon by the Greeks, is encapsulated in the Northern sky image of the constellation of Draco - the "dragon" or "Serpent".

So here we have the same old dual polarity of "Good" and "Evil" expressed in this one symbol of the "Poisoned Chalice" which is the Grail corrupted by the serpent associated with man's unconscious creation of reality - the cycles (coils of the snake) that entrap him.

Man's unconsciousness is symbolically portrayed by the "sleeping" serpent that is said to be coiled up 3 and a half times around his coccyx (the Os SacRUm) at the base of his spine - although it is really man himself that is "asleep".

To halt and defeat the autonomous-system activity of this "serpent" to which he is "asleep" - i.e., unconsciously ignorant of his own potential - man must 'awaken', and this is the Kundalini Awakening, whereby man attains the wisdom of the serpent.

In this awakening man realises that he is at the Bardo 'midpoint' between opposites and that all his sense of duality - incuding his beliefs about "Good and Evil" - are illusory and are a necessary part of the world of form and phenomena he has been a part.

During his brief moment of enlightenment he wakes up to the Truth that he is immortal - that the soul is immortal and that the soul is something that is Neutral, Non-Dual - above and beyond all Duality. He becomes a 'Shining One'.

He cannot remain enlightened - especially to the extent of what he had experienced in that climactic split second of illumination - however, he is a changed person; he has gone through a rebirth and now understands the deeper connections between things and that the principle of Balance and the neutral 'Third Force', is all important in the continuation of his life and Earthly existence - i.e., how he expresses himself and how he interacts with others. At times he may forget (fall "asleep") again - especially during his interactions with others who are still "asleep" and will unconsciously attempt to "knock" him off that point of inner balance and centredness.

The Sufi mystic G. I. Gurdjieff expressed these problems of awakening many times in his talks and writings.

The 'internal Alchemical process' relating to this core-experience and everything I have expressed above is encapsulated in this Alchemical illustration which I presented earlier in these presentations.

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