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Figure 3: Spiralling Energy field surrounding a carbon particle.

The shape of the known universe is thought to be spherical or elliptical much like a balloon, which is expanding from a centre point – being the original location of the so-called “Big Bang.”

Physicists are now saying that the universe is actually expanding from every point within it.

My own view is that both versions are correct. 

Below left, we see a a photo of a spiral galaxy, where the matter of stars, planets, rocks and gasses are all being drawn and sucked into the super massive blackhole at its centre. 

Our Solar System with its planets, which orbit the Sun at the Centre, is a Mandala.

The Sun, the Moon and the planets like our Earth are all spherical domains and matrices, and like the Mandala are all considered to be three-dimensional creations of consciousness - all of which reflect the spherical likeness and "shape" of consciousness itself.

supermassive sat

Figure 7: An Image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of the Supermassive Black Hole
with a mass 3 billion times that of the Sun at the centre of the galaxy known as M87.
(Acknowledgements to the Space Telescope Science Institute and NASA.).

Two possibilities are given for the formation of these 'Supermassive Blackholes':

1.) A normal sized Black Hole at the centre of a galaxy swallows material over millions of years and slowly increases in size.
2.) Many individual black holes have merged together and so their individual masses combine to form a Supermassive Black Hole. 

But again as always we are only seeing half of the picture: the galactic core is not just a blackhole, most likely it is also a whitehole.

Physicist, Paul A. LaViolette in his book, Earth Under Fire, (1997) has put forward his theory that the galactic centre is not a blackhole but is a “supermassive energy object which explodes periodically – meaning that the centre is “beating like a heart”.
His hypothesis is that the pulsation of radiating energy from the center sends out a wave of cosmic rays which then fills the surrounding galaxy and our solar system with interstellar gas; re-igniting stars and increasing solar flare activity.
He uses his theory to explain Earth changes and natural disasters.

LaViolette states that the last burst of energy from the galactic centre happened some 14,000 years ago, and that this burst of cosmic rays was responsible for the ending of the last Ice Age, and has caused all the major physical changes recorded since that time.

Again, stating that the galactic centre is not a blackhole, means that like many of us, LaViolette is only "seeing" half of the information.

Now if the galactic centre is “beating like a heart” as LaViolette says, then does this not mean that this centre is both a blackhole and a whitehole? The Centre is both a ‘Creator’ and a ‘Destroyer,’ and it is due to this fluctuation between creation and destruction, that the Universe is preserved.

Creation and Destruction . . . a Continuous Cycle

As in the cosmology of most ancient cultures, the different characteristics of the gods and goddesses of Hindu and Tantric cosmology are very complex, and for the first-time reader, their assigned roles in the scheme of things can at first seem highly confusing and often contradictory.

However for most Hindus the Source of everything is Brahma, 'the Preserver', which is beyond the creative/destructive dualism of the Centre which is in all things. 

The creative side of the Centre is symbolised by the Hindu God Shiva, who is depicted as having white skin and the destructive side of the centre is Shiva’s consort or Shakti, the Goddess Kali who is depicted as having black skin.


Figure 13: Left: Brahma sitting in the centre of a Chakra which represents the navel of the god Vishnu.
Centre: The Four Incorruptible Sons of Horus emerging from a Nymphaea Lotus Flower (Chakra).
Right: The ancient Egyptian Sun god Horus as “Ahi, Master of the Great Secret of Life” from Ancient Freemasonry by Frank C. Higgins, 1919, p. 67.

With this in mind, its no surprise to find that the Lotus, the Lilly and the Rose, also symbolised the Chakra vortex, of which there are seven that align the human spinal column - each related to one of the seven endocrine glands. 

The chakras have also been described as toroidal vortices that "knot" the spiritual body to the physical body and are seen as portals between this world and the next - each centre again, representing the One Void of creation.    

In the West we find the Mandala in the tainted-glass rose windows of Cathedrals as the photo below taken of the south side of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris shows.

‘When OM or Aum is correctly intoned into a tonoscope (a device that transforms sound into a visual representation on a screen), it first produces a circle. As the tone is completed, the circle is filled sequentially with concentric squares and triangles and finally, as the last traces of the “mmm” have died away.’

Rhythms of Vision, by Lawrence Blair. (Warner Books, New York, 1975).


Bindu is the Sanskrit term for this Centre – especially when one is referring to this Centre as being the Centre of One’s Consciousness.

According to the Eastern mystic traditions, the bindu would be the true location of ‘zero-point energy’ within the consciousness of an individual . . .

The bindu is also symbolised by the ancient Egyptian Sun or Solar symbol - the circle with a dot at its centre known as the circumpunct. (See figure 2).

In both Hindu and Chinese philosophy this Centre, as regards an individual, is said to be located three-fingers width above the head in an etheric space or dimension, and can be reached through the dedicated practise of Yoga and meditation – although this can take many years to achieve.

The bindu is the centre of the seventh chakra (Sahasrara) - the highest centre, also known in various esoteric circles as the 'inner sun' - and this says as much about the creative, life-giving source of all consciousness as it does about the life-giving Sun at the centre of our solar system.

In the diagram below of the physio-kundalini-chakra system, we see the bindu - the centre of the seventh chakra - above the head, and next to this we see the Caduceus - a well known symbol of the medical profession, but ultimately a symbol for the chakra system.

‘The Bible does not offer any support to the idea that there are rings of light around the heads of heavenly dwellers. Artists simply use halos as a way to illustrate a saint’s holiness’.

Frequently Asked Questions. Why are Saints Drawn with Halos around their Heads?

It is a fact that many of us are just as confused as to why Egyptian deities are depicted with Sun disks above their heads.
It would seem that many of us have allowed ourselves to be kept in the ‘dark’ about this phenomenon, and it would appear that this general ignorance about such things, is a reflection of our general unconsciousness of this Centre, until one is awakened to it.

If we were aware of this Centre in the ways I have described - which is what the esoteric traditions have been saying for centuries - and also aware of the fact that it exists within every one of us and that it is our connection to the Source, there would be no need for the "middle men" of organised religion.

As regards one’s experience of this Centre, to the Hindus and Buddhists it is the point of enlightenment known as Nirvana, and to the Zen Buddhists, Satori.  

Of course an individual can also reach this Centre spontaneously and with no prior knowledge of these internal processes, as what happens during the ‘energy-phenomenon’ again, known in India as Kundalini. Such an experience for those who have knowledge of it can be quite a shock to the system, whereby one’s life can never be the same again, which is why it is seen as a rebirth. 

The effect of such an enlightening experience is that the pattern of one’s consciousness and one's perceptions of reality are then transformed to a higher level.
Now why is this Source or Centre often referred to as The Void?

The Centre as the Collective Unconscious

The Source or Centre, lies beyond our limited perception of it also being a “black” Void.
The Void is the Centre. But as we will see, the reason why Man often perceives this Centre (the Source of all energy) to be a “black” ‘Void’ of “nothing” is due to His unconsciousness of It - hence the reason why we could compare this Centre to the 'Collective Unconscious' of psychologist Carl Jung, which is really the Superconscious to those who have 'consciously' experienced it during enlightenment.
During the everyday order of our existence, we are mostly unconscious of this Centre, so its not surprising that when we do actually acknowledge it, then from our perspective, the same thing is usually perceived as an empty vacuum – i.e., a black Void of ‘nothingness’. This is our interpretation of this Centre, because again we are ‘unconscious’ of it.
This blank, non-existent image we have of the Centre is not only the definitive description of ‘unconsciousness’ itself, but it also shows our limited perception and understanding of it. This can be illustrated by the following:
We can see throughout the history of western philosophy, that man has been attempting a search outside and within himself to find a meaning to his life and the true nature of his reality . . . but what he is really trying to do is find and grasp this Centre within.
The reason why Western man still searches in vain, and why in all actuality, none of his philosophical systems have really discovered this Centre in its entirety, nor grasped this Centre holistically, is because Western man has tried to grasp it by using his intellectual faculties alone.
These attempts have resulted in giving us philosophical concepts like Sartre’s Existentialism, which had really been conceptualised out of the natural feelings that some people have regarding a ‘despairing’ sense of pathos regarding man’s ‘hopeless’ sense and grasp of reality. There are of course some individuals who associate this ‘meaninglessness’ with consensus reality – i.e. society and its values, where man’s existence is considered superficial, and inferior to the True Reality, which these individuals can sense, and seem to want to express in many artistic and creative ways.
Because these individuals can sense a greater reality, which seems just beyond their grasp, its not surprising that some of them will be frustrated at not being able to grasp this ‘greater reality’ at will. Looking at the superficial reality around them: having to endure it, along with other people’s superficial beliefs and what they see as their unwarranted scepticism of such visions, these individuals will then lose hope and will sometimes turn against their vision of this ‘greater reality’ as if it was a curse, which torments them.
They will often believe that their own mind is playing tricks with them: only showing them an ‘illusion’ of a greater reality.
In their frustration, they would then interpret this ‘greater reality’ as a grand illusion . . . a black and empty void, which lies silently behind our existence . . . the embodiment of ‘Death’ itself, preparing and waiting, to devour each of us in turn.
Such thoughts as these will then cause a swing to the other extreme, whereby life is seen as “empty” and “meaningless”.
Its no wonder that these individuals, whose minds also have the ability to ascend to what the author and philosopher Colin Wilson calls a ‘peak-experience’ (a term coined by psychologist, Abraham Maslow) – will also, and often, fall into long periods of intense manic-depression. This constant swing between being able to glimpse ‘everything,’ and then reduce this perception to ‘nothing’ in their minds, is common with these individuals, and so it’s no wonder that they often lead interesting, creative – but also ‘tragic’ lives.
Author Colin Wilson identified these individuals and called them ‘Outsiders’ – meaning that these individuals live “outside” society – i.e. the beliefs, conventions and traditions of the consensus.
Looking back at some of the books he has written, I could see that Colin Wilson has actually been trying to grasp an understanding of this Centre himself, as he is also passionately interested in the Duality of man’s consciousness – especially man’s paranormal and mystical abilities – especially the ‘peak experience’ he has termed ‘Faculty X’.   
Another example where man has been brought face-to-face with the ‘void of meaninglessness’, is Jacques Derrida’s Post-Structuralism. Derrida’s philosophy emphasises that nothing is as structurally solid as it seems, and that most philosophical structures – especially the masculine ones – don’t mean a thing in the search for Truth – hence the ‘deconstruction’ of many philosophical systems of thought, which this philosophy – itself a system of thought – advocates.
Many philosophers, like most artists, poets, musicians and other creative individuals, are really ‘outsiders’ as regards the superficial values of a predominantly left-brain, bureaucratically-based, consumer society; so it’s no wonder that each, and in their own way, these recent philosophical concepts seemed to have focused on the “nothingness” and “meaninglessness” of the Void.
In many ways, the void of “nothing” – i.e. the “Big Zero”, seems to be the final result regarding our measuring and weighing up of the universe, so its not surprising that the same “thing” has been confronted in philosophy. The same “All-Non-Thing” has also been confronted in physics – i.e., the aether or ‘vacuum,’ where, it seems, a limitless amount of potential energy can be found.
This potential energy seems to be wholly contained in a vacuum of nothing - what physicists now call Zero-Point Energy (ZPE).
In Astrophysics, there is the conception of ‘blackholes’ in space, which are considered to be intense ‘vacuum’ points – non-dimensional and therefore measureless points of singularity – ‘black voids’ of nothingness, which physicists say are “sucking” in the energy of the universe. Again, these blackholes, or singular points, are the puckered points in the fabric of our reality where all measurement ceases, and where everything reduces down to a complete and utter zero.

Mini Blackhole-Whiteholes

For some time now, a few notable theoretical physicists have been theorizing about ‘mini-blackholes’ – also called “naked singularities” (having no event horizon) – which they say may very well exist at the centres of all elementary particles such as the electron.

As mentioned above, these points or centres rapidly fluctuate between being a whitehole one moment and blackhole the next, and so they are both emitters and absorbers of energy.

The tiny mass of a subatomic particle is created by the rapid . . . In . . . Out . . . On . . . Off . . . pulsation of energy from its own centre. 

(See also A Hyperspatial Energy Continuum and the Human Perception of Dimensional Reality:
a series of conjectures on the nature of reality by Charles Noonan Vind. 

The mass of an electron in an atom is the consequence of its waves being tightly packed together with the other electrons that are orbiting the atom: the electron’s mass being created out of the interlocking lattice structure of spherical standing waves – waves that are trapped within a certain measure of space. 

An electron then, is really a tiny compression of energy: a small ‘packet’ of standing waves.

The vastness of space is created out of very low, oscillating, ‘long-waves’ of the same radiating energy.
Of course all these waves are invisible to our senses - the universe is itself being a spherical standing wave. 

Energy then, is being emitted and absorbed at different frequencies and from all these points or centres throughout the universe.

In other words, energy is being emitted from these points when they are whiteholes, and the same energy is being absorbed by these points when they are blackholes.

Also, the unrelenting lower frequency waves being emitted from all these pulsating centres, which are everywhere, also carries on throughout the universe; creating the large magnetic field of space, which is why the underlying field of space can never be the ‘zero-related,’ vacuum which our physicists say is the ultimate vacuum containing zero-point energy . . .

‘The entire universe is imbued with magnetism, from the vastly distant nebulae down to the most minute elementary particles. The earth on which mankind exists is also a gigantic magnet. Magnetic fields are present in the interstellar space of the galactic system as well as in the more remote regions of the universe. The nebulae, which are composed of various kinds of cosmic dust or gaseous atoms, and are destined to evolve into stars, also possess magnetic fields. These nebulae of gas or dust are constantly subjected to the action of gravitational forces, which act to retract each nebula into its centre.
However, the magnetic lines of force are also drawn in, along with this matter. Except for the fact that the state of the system is maintained by this magnetic field, which revolves along with the system as a whole, the immense gravitational forces, acting over long periods of time, would crush the galactic system, concentrating the mass of the system at its centre. The ensuing gravitational collapse would be followed by a violent explosion. Thus the magnetic field constitutes a robust framework, which protects the galactic system from the destructive action of gravitation. Furthermore, if the earth did not possess a magnetic field, then it would long since have been devastated by cosmic rays and reduced to a desolate state, uninhabitable by living organisms. Thus magnetism is a vast celestial entity which maintains order in the physical universe.’

The Secret of the Creative Vacuum: Man and the Energy Dance,
by John Davidson. (The C. W. Daniel Company Ltd, 1989).

In other words, the ‘perfect vacuum’ – containing the zero-point energy that our physicists seek – is situated within the pinpoint centres of all subatomic particles and not in the space between themnor in the field in which they are suspended.

The field or space that surrounds those points and everything in it is made-up of magnetic waves . . . positive and negative energy.

As we will see, our ancient ancestors understood this in their own way through the shaman and his altered states of consciousness experiences, and communicated it through such symbols as the Mandala for instance – which is a circular or spherical design representing the surrounding matrix patterns that comprise an individual’s reality – at the same time giving emphasis to the point at the centre. 

In this we derive the insight that the three-dimensional ‘projection space’ of our reality is made up of a spherical matrix of magnetic fields radiating from every similar charged body or particle that has its location within it. 

Although to us it is a ‘physical vacuum,’ space is created from the magnetic field, which fills the spaces between all things . . . in other words; the physical vacuum of space is a huge magnetic field, with smaller magnetic fields surrounding each body within it.

The field of empty space is made up of invisible, magnetic waves of positive and negative energy, which is radiating from all these tiny centres.

This means that the field of space is still mass energy made up of invisible and often distorted waves of magnetic energy and so not a vacuum at all!

A perfect vacuum can only be comprised of pure energy having ‘zero’ or ‘infinite mass’ – having no measure, no waves, no particles, no temperature, no field . . . and no dimension - i.e., non-local. 

My argument that the underlying field of space can never be the ‘ultimate vacuum of limitless energy,’ is evident when we look at recent discoveries regarding the speed of light, which has always been considered to be a constant in what we consider to be the frictionless vacuum of space. 

It would appear that the speed of light will vary in the ‘physical vacuum’ and that this is due to the friction caused by the magnetic waves, which are everywhere – even in the ‘physical vacuum’ of space.   

Again, John Davidson, author of The Secret of the Creative Vacuum, writes:

‘ . . . as the successors to Michelson’s experimentation discovered in 1932, using a mile length of tube in Pasadena, California, there are variations of twelve miles per second and more. These vary with the season and also within a shorter cycle of about two weeks.”
The Secret of the Creative Vacuum: Man and the Energy Dance,
by John Davidson. (The C. W. Daniel Company Ltd, 1989).

This variation of the speed of light would be correct if there were vibrations of magnetic waves speeding it up and slowing it down in certain places.

The variations dictated by the change in seasons and also within a shorter cycle of about two weeks, indicates that the position of our planet and the other planets in the system, do indeed exert an influence – especially when we note that each orbiting body, radiates magnetic waves and that the oscillations of these waves will alter and change as the planets move around each other in their orbits.

For example, a conjunction of two planets – whereby from our perspective on Earth, one planet is eclipsing the other and blocking or adding to the other’s vibrations (magnetic vibrations, which would normally be reaching our planet) would of course affect the magnetic fields that surround us.
This is why our distant ancestors both conceived and studied the perceptive art of Astrology and more importantly, the Eclipses, and why many of us still study it today. 

In fact the rotation of the planets and their circular or elliptical orbits, actually reflect the ‘repeating patterns’ that are going on within our consciousness as expressed by writer on Shamanism, Mark Dunn.

We could say that the existence of the planets themselves as well as the backdrop of space and the birth-death-rebirth processes related to the stars and the blackhole/whitehole centre of each galaxy, are projections/reflections of the same process that is going on within our own consciousness; and that the positions of the planets at any one time actually reflect the state of mind of everyone and everything on the planet.

Again from Davidson’s book:

‘Furthermore, other speed-of-light signals were detected which varied with the compass orientation, the time of day and the polarity of the current. These were like the electro-magnetic signals flowing in an aerial, but the periodicity cannot be readily explained.’ So, all in all, gravity and the speed of light are known to be incompletely described by any of our existing ‘laws.’ They also vary cyclically and seasonally. Its all very interesting . . .’

‘More recent research by physicists at the University of Alabama, using atomic clocks, spinning discs and gamma rays, have also shown that this constant does vary with periodicity dependent upon the angular velocity of the disc. But they have had considerable difficulty getting their work published, because, “everybody knows that the velocity of light in a vacuum is a constant.” These experimental results, however, are quantifiably explicable by their model of the physical vacuum as a web of energy focuses, ultra-minute ‘particles,’ or spatial quanta.’

The Secret of the Creative Vacuum: Man and the Energy Dance,
by John Davidson. (The C. W. Daniel Company Ltd, 1989).

This supports what I am saying: “Spatial quanta” in the physical vacuum, is a “web of energy,” as in the magnetic field radiations consisting of various frequencies, each of which are being produced from the emissions of energy from every centre of every particle that makes up a larger dense body.

The density of the body is of course due to tightly-packed magnetic waves.

Of course, the peaks and troughs of these magnetic wave emissions can affect the speed of travelling light like the waves of the sea can affect the speed of a travelling boat. This means that the ‘physical vacuum’ of space, CANNOT be the ultimate vacuum.
The ‘ultimate vacuum’ is a non-dimensional, non-local, point of singularitypossessing infinite energy . . . all the energy and information of the universe superimposed within it. 

However, this non-dimensional point is also everywhere in the field of 3D space as the centre of every elementary particle or tiny unit of polarised energy. 

Again I emphasise: the physical ‘vacuum field of space’ is not the ‘ultimate vacuum,’ but the ‘ultimate vacuum’ can be found at every point within it. 

This is why some of our physicists are now saying that a limitless energy can be found at every point in space – whilst confusing these points or centres with the underlying ‘field’ of space itself! 

Again, we visualise this highly potential ‘point of nothing’ as an underlying, spread-out, blanket “field” of ‘æther,’ when in truth it has no dimension because this 'potential something' cannot be measured – as the Eastern term sûnya implies. 

All these centres which are "clothed" in a surrounding field of positive and negative energy are like “pasted copies” (using computer programme terminology) of the same one-centre from which the sphere or “Cosmic Egg” of the universe was created.

This primary centre, or primary ‘point of singularity’ – which is said to have seeded the universe via the so-called “big-bang” and which has been copied and spread everywhere – is the real ultimate vacuum; containing infinite, potential energy . . . the ‘source of consciousness’ itself. 

The nature of consciousness is also considered to be the ultimate paradox – being ‘non-local’ – i.e., “nowhere” to our senses, but also “everywhere:” it being the centre of all things – again, as in the centres of subatomic or elementary particles, and believe it or not, knowledge of this is encoded within certain symbols, as well as the myths and legends belonging to the ancient peoples of different civilisations from all around the world – which means that this knowledge must have come from a common source . . . an advanced culture that had known about the limitless energy of the ultimate vacuum’ and had probably utilised it in many ways.

We will now look at an example of this ancient knowledge in comparison with our modern-day conception of zero-point energy.
The next logical step for our minds would be the insight that the ‘Transcendental Void’ of Eastern mysticism – which is likened to man’s idea of a ‘supreme creator’ – is the ultimate vacuum . . . the primary centre – and is the root or source of consciousness itself.

This would mean that the Void – though ‘non-local,’ has as its “location” – not only the centres of elementary particles, but also the very centre of every individual’s consciousness and that it is also the source and centre pertaining to the collective.

No wonder that Eastern mysticism and the various esoteric traditions give the Void such ultimate status. 

Again, the only reason why we see the source of zero-point energy as a “field,” is because this ONE point of singularity, also expresses the illusion that it is divided into a seemingly infinite but finite number of copies – just like computer-cloned-copies of an icon that can be pasted everywhere on the monitor screen – and this is why this ‘one point’ or centre is at the same time, everywhere – as the centres of elementary particles – but really nowhere – being ‘non-local’ – in itself.

Now many of us would think this absurd, but this paradox is well known in theoretical physics because theoretical physicists have played around with this paradox regarding what they call the ‘quantum potential’ field – a term coined by physicist David Bohm to describe the same field of potent energy that was once called the ‘aether,’ and now being called the ‘zero-point field.’ 

Some of us know that physicists have also played around with the theory of ‘dimensionless points’ known as ‘singularities.’

Again, I would say that this zero-point energy is not a “field” of energy but that it is found within these dimensionless points within the illusory field, known as ‘singularities,’ which our physicists have also theorised.

Moreover I would also say that the plural terminology – i.e., ‘point(s)’ – is really describing an illusion . . . because all these points are really one point . . . one source . . . one centre.
The ancient people who designed and built the Great Pyramid understood this and constructed the Great Pyramid so that it would act as a both a symbolic and practical contraption that would facilitate a psychic ‘right of passage’ or ‘rite of entry’ into this source – also known as the ‘Absolute’ or 'Godhead' – again, the ‘Transcendental Void’ and also the ‘Tao’ of the Far-East traditions.

These insights are supported by a paper found on the Internet. The following is taken from ‘What is Sri Vidya?’ By Swami Veda Bharati:

‘ . . . When you begin to see these relationships, then you immediately begin to drop the relationships, because relationships are between two. Until the number two is dropped, the unity will not be established. Without that unity, the merger of consciousness into the pinpoint of light will not occur. Until one sees it all into that single pinpoint of light you will not understand that the universe actually is not even expansion of the pinpoint of light, but rather replication, the same point occurring again and again and again. The same one point. And the point, having occurred so many times, having replicated itself, identical to the very original pinpoint, becomes a light, becomes a ray, becomes a line, becomes a ripple, becomes a figure.’

‘What is Sri Vidya?’ By Swami Veda Bharati.

‘ . . . The ancient Indian philosophy of physics, called Vaisheshika, speaks of akuñchana and prasarana, contraction and expansion as interlinked principles. The Sanskrit texts discussing the attraction of gravity and the basic principles involved in it, also discussed this question of attraction and contraction, the centripetal and centrifugal forces as well. They also arrived at the conclusion at that time that the minutest atomic particle would have to be simply a point in space, bindu, the point in the centre . . . We are discussing here the bindu, the point in the centre of the Sri Yantra, the point from which the expansion occurs, and into which the circle contracts again’.
‘ . . . One of the first principles again is that expansion and contraction in space are an identical process, just as creativity and entropy are interwoven. The boundaries between evolution and devolution cannot be determined’.
‘ . . . This expansion and contraction are not opposite principles. They are not to be studied or even thought of in sequence. Evolution is devolution. Creation is dissolution. Creativity is entropy. The beginning is the end in any loop. And the universe is nothing if not a loop. There is nothing in the universe that is not a loop, a chakra, where one does not return to its origins’.

‘What is Sri Vidya?’ By Swami Veda Bharati.

One energy alternates with itself like the alternating current of electricity (‘On’ ‘Off’) and this alternating activity is what keeps the energy of everything, stable within a reality – including us. 

The ‘On’ energy would be the measured magnetic lines of projected and retracted energy that flow between the ‘Off’ energy points or centres. 

We could say then, that ‘alternating current’ is the secret behind gravity because if the energy was only ever projected outwards then it would be travelling outwards forever.

And if the energy stayed within that point or centre there would be no creation and therefore no reality. 

Our law of gravity comes from our perception of things remaining at a certain location in space and time and always dropping back to that position. This is because at the centre of a body is a point of limitless energy which is both projecting and retracting energy en masse – i.e., “breathing” through all the sub-atomic particles that have massed together to create an object.

This would mean that every object is pulsating, but it is pulsating through the centres of all the microcosmic components of energy that make-up its body.

The projection and retraction of energy at different rates of frequency would also explain why we always perceive Duality and Polarity - i.e., everything having two opposites in our reality – i.e., positive and negative, male and female, light and darkness etc: 

Because the ‘One energy’ is materialising and dematerialising at different rates of frequency and from many different points, which are all at the ‘quantum potential’ or ‘zero-point’ level of our reality, this creates for us the illusion that there are two energies that are alternating with each other.

This activity also creates a reality, which at its information level, is a binary-coded pattern – i.e., positive and negative – ‘On’ and ‘Off’ . . . ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’

All this “machine-like” activity of consciousness creates the illusion of division, but the experiences one has with this ‘Kundalini energy phenomenon’ - the non-dual state, fusion experience of enlightenment and illumination - reveals this illusion.

In other words, this experience awakens us to realise that greater part of ourselves so that we can then learn how to find our own way to it by sustaining our awareness at the fusion point of our energy.     

Most of the time we are unconscious because we are only focusing on the world of the ‘On,’ projected energy and the very brief moments, when energy has been externally projected. Particles of light energy are produced at the point in the process ‘when’ and ‘where’ the energy retracts back and we perceive these points of energy all around us in our reality as subatomic particles. 

From these same points, and as the energy retracts back, waves of light energy also extend outwards around these points . . . also pulsating in all directions.
One would comprehend this paradox if one already understood the famous ‘double-slit experiment’ in quantum physics . . .

In highly simplified terms, it has been noted that if one photon is fired at a blank screen, but fired first through a screen with only one vertical slit in it, then the one photon will naturally go through this one slit in the first screen thereby making a slit of light on the second screen.

But if there are two slits in the first screen, then again when the photon is fired we only see the one photon go through the one slit, but we will then find an interference pattern on the second screen – i.e., a sequence of light and dark lines.

This interference pattern made on the blank screen behind the first screen, attests to the weird conclusion that the one photon has gone through both slits and that the second “ghost” or ‘virtual photon’ is interfering with the first photon. 

This would also mean that if there were hundreds of slits in the first screen, then the one photon would still act as if it had gone through all the slits at the same time.

It seems as if the one photon acts out every probability and eventuality associated with all these holes or slits, and that we only see one outcome of many regarding all these probabilities.

As the photon goes through all these slits at the same time, the energy is cut up and divided, becoming fragmented, and these divisions and fragments of energy create interference patterns on the blank screen behind the first screen – i.e., one energy “playing with itself.” 

So to recap:   

The source-centre itself is divided, into an infinite amount of duplicate copies, and all these virtual, ghost-like “copies” are separated and divided from each other by the “cyclone” of differently measured energy that swirls around each and the differently measured energy that is being emitted from each (quanta). 

The friction these tiny toroidal “cyclones” make with each other creates all the interference patterns that become the images and objects of our reality.     
Now then, if all energy is really superimposed or fused together within a non-dimensional, nonlocal point, then how is it, that this same energy is also divided and fragmented into bits, separated and spread about in very specific locations at our level of perceptive reality? 

Simple . . . it is both these configurations at the same time – i.e., everything in one point and everything spread out outside that point.

(See the discussion The “Sleeping” God at the Centre: “Dreaming” the Holoverse into Existence)  - soon to be placed on this site.
The paradox is solved once it is realised that one of these configurations is an illusion – namely our perception and experience of everything divided and separated in time and space.

But to understand how this reality of space and time is an illusion we would first have to consider the premise that this ‘one point of energy’ is pure consciousness – and more to the point, (pardon the pun) that all energy is consciousness – even the illusion of matter.

Not many scientists would accept this even though it would answer a lot of things. However, if we could accept this, then maybe we could then consider the following: 

Consciousness is really all contained within a non-dimensional point. But more to the point:

All energy, which is consciousness, is contained within a ‘non-dimensional point’ at the same time as all the energy of consciousness is also dispersed and spread outside and around this non-dimensional point.

This is why the energy contained within these ‘non-localised’ or ‘non-dimensional’ points is pure potential energy – i.e., limitless – because it is fused energy . . . energy in its original, ‘virginal,’ potentially creative state – again, as like the proto-atom that seeded the universe in the so-called “Big-Bang.”

Of course, this non-dimensional point is the true and original configuration of consciousness, and this is why the pure energy of consciousness cannot be seen, held, touched, or measured.

But we know that in our reality we perceive and experience things ‘dimensionally’ – i.e., individualized bits of energy/information expressed as ‘mind’ and/or ‘matter;’ an energy, which is obviously divided and spread out in all directions. 

How can this be? . . How can consciousness be both these configurations at the same time?

Well perhaps we can answer this with the following: 

Primarily, everything in the universe – all energy, is united, fused, and superimposed as ‘One’ within a point that is limitless and timeless, and this is why subatomic particles are communicating with each other instantly:
At their centre they each have within them the very same Point of pure consciousness, where all the energy and information of the Universe is superimposed and fused together as One.

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