The Serpent Grail



                                                            By Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn


                                                               A review by author Colin Wilson


Colin Wilson: reviews of  

The Shadow of Solomon, The Lost Secret of the Freemasons Revealed, by Laurence Gardner (Element, 2005) and The Serpent Grail, by Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn (Watkins, 2005)

Written for the Daily Mail.


The Serpent Grail


Gardiner had a sudden ‘Eureka!’ experience when his wife commented to him that there was a

connection between T-cells, which help us to heal faster, and snake venom.

This, he suspected, was connected with what the alchemists called the Elixir of Life, a mixture, he suggests, of snake venom and snake blood in which the two counteract one another and form a powerful healing mixture.

A burst of frantic and inspirational research convinced him that this ‘serpent power’ was not only the forgotten key to many world religions, from ancient China and India, but also to the Christian idea of the Grail, the ‘blood royal’.


His collaborator Gary Osborn had also experienced a flash of  ‘enlightenment’ in his teens, and been trying to plumb its depths ever since, particularly in the study of shamanism.

The two recognised that they had been travelling parallel courses, and combined to create this fascinating study of the ‘serpent grail’.


I am reminded of, Giorgio de Santillana, a professor or the history of science, who in 1969

co-authored a book called Hamlet’s Mill, that argued that hundreds of prehistoric myths proved that most ancient people had a far greater knowledge of astronomy than anyone had ever thought. His colleagues dismissed it with contempt. Yet it went on to become one of the most influential books on mythology ever written. And I suspect that something of the sort may eventually be true of The Serpent Grail. A difficult, complex work, it could well go on to have a lasting influence.



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