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The US Capital City is Washington DC, named after the first American President George Washington.

In 1791, French architect and engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant (1754-1852) was commissioned by George Washington to design the ground plan of the Capital city. L’Enfant worked on the original plans with the then secretary of state, Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826).

However, L'Enfant, who had become involved in a number of conflicts with those involved in the project, was dismissed by Washington in 1792 in favour of surveyor Andrew Ellicott who had already surveyed the boundaries of the District of Columbia where the Capital was to be situated. Ellicott's revisions of L'Enfant's plans subsequently became the basis for the Capital city's development.

1792 Ellicot cropped
Pentagram sat

The Great Pyramid of Washington DC

“It is a pity that Freemasons of the present day do not take more interest in the legacy left them by their forefathers. Who amongst us can, even for an hour, revert to the grand and sublime tenets of our craft, and study the origin of the signs and symbols attached to them, and then suppose for one moment that all these were evolved out of a band of operative Masons at the time of the Romans? There is neither logic nor reason in, nor are there any facts to support such a theory. No, our Grand Order has originated from the sublime teachings of Ptah, which were carried out of Egypt by Moses, and the original or first High Priests of the Druids that came to these islands, and handed down from generation to generation, and it will last to the end of the present existence of the earth".

"We therefore assert that the signs, symbols, rites and ceremonies, and the principles inculcated, were identical with the Eschatology of the ancient Egyptians, carried out of Egypt by Moses and the High Priests, who came from Egypt and were afterwards known as the Druids, and that various origins, symbols and rites, practised in other parts of the world, were identical. Hence we purpose to bring forward other links in the broken chain which prove more conclusively that this was so, and that herein lies the Primordial of true Christian doctrines of the present day. We contend that the Great Pyramid of Gizeh was built in Egypt as a monument and lasting memorial of this early religion, on true scientific laws, by divine inspiration and knowledge of the laws of the Universe".

"Indeed, we may look on the Great Pyramid as the first true Masonic temple in the world, surpassing all others that have ever been built, with their secrets depicted on stone, symbolically, to be read by those who have been initiated into the secret mysteries of their religion, after having passed through the various degrees, for it was only men (Theopneustics) of the greatest honour and integrity who could possibly hope to attain to the highest or most sublime degree, and then only after long and patient study and many trials had been gone through to attain that end, and here in stone is set forth the passage of the "Tuat" and Amenta. What architect of the present day would undertake to erect a Pyramid like this Great Pyramid, which could stand for so many thousands of years without repair?”.

The Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man:
Being An Explanation Of The Evolution Of Religious Doctrines From The Eschatology Of The Ancient Egyptians 
by Albert Churchward M.D., M.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., F.G.S., P.M., P.Z. 30º.
(London, Swan Sonnenschein & Co. Lim. New York: E. P. Dutton & Company 1910).

Also, we can see that the Capitol Building now becomes included in this triangle-pyramid design, in that the opposite, 53.5-degree (right) side of the pyramid, goes through both the locations of what are today called the Logan Circle and Mount Vernon Square intersections, ending spot on the location of the Capital Building.

Naturally I was struck by this hitherto hidden design, as it appeared to support, if not confirm, my own discovery as to the 23.5-degree angle within the geometry of the Great Pyramid of Giza along with the other geodetic-related angles.

For me, this was quite remarkable and beyond coincidence.

Aside from the numerous references I have found to the angle of 23.5º in various sources and mostly in paintings from the 17th Century, it was during 2001 that I discovered that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, contains encoded 'geophysical' information concerning the obliquity (tilt) angle of the Earth's Axis, and also geodetic information - i.e., the Great Pyramid's location on the Earth in relation to both the Equatorial and Ecliptic Planes. See here:

Below is one of my own 'to-scale' drawings of the Great Pyramid of Giza (G1) in cross-section looking West, revealing its internal features and chambers and the significant angles of 23.5º and 11.75º (2 x 11.75º = 23.5º).

The 23.5-degree angle running from the South vertex of the pyramid, though faint, is also evident in the illustration published in Pyramidographia.

If you look closely again at figure 6 above, you will see that the sketched diagram is divided into three sections by the different angles used in the crosshatch shading. This presents faint demarcation lines extending from the South and North vertices to the centre of the pyramid just above the King's Chamber.

The angle of these lines extending from the South and North vertices to the centre of the pyramid are very close to 23.5º.

As if to further substantiate what we see above, there exists this quote from the book Ancient Freemasonry (1919) by 32nd-Degree Mason and field archaeologist Frank C. Higgins:

“It is also manifest that the technical terms of ancient science varies but slightly all over the globe. The circle was divided into 360 degrees for convenience of measurements, the properties of the ‘Pi proportion’ applied to the squaring of the circle, the law of the square of the hypotheneuse, the number of days between solstices, the geometry of the solar system, the cycles of the planets and the phenomena of terrestrial motion are not inventions of man which can be one thing in one place and another elsewhere.

“The third and fourth chapters of Prescott’s immortal ‘Conquest of Mexico’ tell precisely what the Spaniards found in this respect upon their arrival in America, so that it is not proposing an at all wild or improbable hypothesis to assume that as these same facts were at the root of the religious mysteries of the whole ancient Eastern world they performed a precisely similar role on the American continent. Freemasonry has preserved the assurance in its ritual and symbolism, that this is the case through long ages of persecution and tyranny which have conspired to suppress all popular knowledge of the fact.

“The evidences of a community of crude scientific knowledge between the widely separated ancient races of Asia, Europe and America, and with particular reference to the latter, its distribution over our own continent, from the great lakes of the North to the Andes in the South, are bound up in the existence everywhere, over the entire enormous expanse, of graven and sculptured objects, ranging all the way, from tiny amulets and so-called ‘ceremonial stones’ to monoliths, elaborately carved ‘idols’ and gorgeous temples designed uniquely to set forth the principal cosmic figures and angles of astronomical observation.

“These may be briefly enumerated as the angles of 23½ degrees, that of the inclination of the earth's axis to the pole of the ecliptic and of the equator to the plane of the ecliptic 47 degrees, or double the foregoing, which apprises their knowledge of the circumpolar motion; the precession of the equinoxes, the earth's orbit, equinoxes and solstices; the angles of 66½ degrees and 113½ degrees, which relate to the crossing of the plane of the ecliptic by the earth's axis and that of the equator by the pole of the ecliptic.

“These are the angles which are so closely bound up with the cosmic expression of the divine name of Jehovah, but closely associated with them are various triangles and oblong figures, such as the triangle of Pythagoras (3–4–5) and its derivations, the 3–4–3 triangle, which gives us the side of a square and the radius of a circle equal circumference thereto, this latter being the vertical axis of the great Pyramid of Cheops, at Gizeh, Egypt”. (My Italics).

Ancient Freemasonry: An Introduction to Masonic Archaeology.
Frank C. Higgins. (Kessinger Publishing. Originally published in 1919). p. 72–73.

The above appears to confirm 'intention' on behalf of the architects and builders who designed these angles into the geometry of the Great Pyramid of Giza so as to convey knowledge about our planet.

But as we can see, the same information and knowledge appears to have also beeen encoded in the avenues and landmarks of Washington DC by the Freemasons and other occult initiates, who one could say are the inheritors and beneficiaries of this knowledge; a 'system of knowledge' that had been encapsulated in an ancient geometric formula used by the ancient Stone Masons who designed and built the Great Pyramid and the other pyramids at Giza.

The Washington Zero Meridian

‘One strange discovery I have found is that a similar episode appears to have occurred in the American capitol of Washington, DC. Apparently, DC was originally designed so that 16th street would be its original north-south meridian – and this meridian was going to be the “zero meridian” [Prime Meridian] of the United States. After Greenwich was made the international meridian, DC and Paris both renounced their claims. Today, DC uses Capitol Street as its N-S axis, but certain monuments, especially those in Meridian Hill Park, point to the older axis.

Priory of Sion: the Facts, the Theories, the Mystery by Dr. Steven E. Mizrach.

As we can see, 16th Street – a perfect North-South axis – passes straight through the centre of the White House.

In other words, just like the Great Pyramid which was aligned centrally on the Giza Meridian in Egypt, the Washington Pyramid is aligned centrally on the old Washington Meridian of 16th Street.

As mentioned the Greenwich Meridian was agreed on by other world powers in 1884, and we are told that this is because the Royal Observatory happens to be there.

However, the map below which still states Washington as Longitude 0:0. is dated 1887 - some three years after it was decided and agreed that the Zero Prime Meridian of the world should run through Greenwich in London.

In view of what we now find in Paris and what the people behind these architectural designs were and possibly still are trying to achieve symbolically, is it that surprising to find both an image of a pyramid and the angle of 23.5 degrees encoded within the avenues of Washington DC, which has the longitude given as zero?

What is this obsession with the Pyramid and the Zero Meridian which runs through a nation's Capital city?

This recurring theme is obviously based on the symbolic myth of the traditional shamanic ‘World Mountain’ which is said to have had the Earth’s axis ('World Tree') running though its centre. The 'World Tree' is symbolised by the Zero Meridian.

Conceptually, the shamanic 'World Mountain' was said to have "held" and "fastened" the 'World Tree' or Axis Mundi in place.

Although what we see here says much for those who believe and maintain that encoded in the map of Washington DC are the secrets of the Masons, Rosicrucians, or even the Illuminati, again my own interpretation is that this design is a symbolic gesture to the ancient knowledge and principles outlined in the presentations given freely on this Website in regard to what is known by mystic's, philosophers and the more spiritually-minded as the Source-Centre of Creation, and which has remained largely a secret to initiates only.

The following quote is interesting in view of the above design in the map of Washington and what this is all pointing to:

‘Through the use of long avenues joined at key points marked by important buildings or monuments, the U.S. capital city is a symbolic representation of power radiating from a central source’.

Individuals Who Influenced Planning Before 1978. See here:

If this is true, then perhaps in this gigantic image of the Great Pyramid we are also being told that this ‘central source’ on the Earth is the Great Pyramid, or that the Great Pyramid represents this source – or perhaps even marks this source, and also in terms of high energy ‘convergence points’ in the Earth’s energy grid, which some researchers believe exist and have even discovered for themselves.

(See The Sun and the Serpent (1990) Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, and The Dance of the Dragon: An Odyssey into Earth Energies and Ancient Religion (2000) by Paul Broadhurst).

However, this is another topic in itself and one that is also related to the principles of knowledge presented on this Website.
(See presentation Dimension Doorways).

Its also intriguing to find that in this design and map, the White House (residence of the US President) actually marks this ‘energy source’ shown to be at the centre of the pyramid. We are also told that the Greek work ‘pyramid’ means "fire in the middle".

Again, in terms of esoteric principles and concepts based on the shamanic ‘Centre’, ‘World Mountain’ and the ‘World Tree’ (Axis Mundi) the many connections we can make from all this are really quite astounding and so we can see how and why this design at Washington DC would have been intentional.

If we look at the River Nile (from the French word Nil - meaning 'null' and 'zero'), we can see that like all rivers, it resembles a winding serpentine serpent or snake.

However, the Nile has an added symbolic property, in that it is capped with a 'V'-shaped Delta - the Nile Delta - which causes it to resemble an open Lotus Flower when observed from high altitudes.

Its a remarkable fact that the River Nile and Nile Delta resembles not only a blossoming Lotus flower, but also a tree as well as the human brain and spinal cord.

"The ancient peoples all over the world in every culture built all their temples and pyramids in the form of the human body and human brain. They even tried to find geological areas where the topography mimics the human anatomy.
The Founding Father Freemasons who founded the United Sates kept this tradition and held on to the ancient Egyptian rituals and knowledge, as you can see here. The geography of Washington DC is laid out just like the human brain. The Medulla Oblongata and top of the spinal stem is even very apparent on this topography map of DC, and of course you will notice that the Capitol is in the exact same spot where the Pineal Gland would be in the brain".

Giovanni Ravioli Carlo, 21st January 2013.

washington brain2

Figure 20: Image of the human brain in profile superimposed over the 1791 topographical map of Washington DC at the same orientation.
The location of the Pineal Gland in the brain is highlighted.

1792 Ellicot cropped

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