I would like to thank Don Barone for his assistance and whose work on Phi had provided me with the impetus to investigate Phi at Giza in the first place.

    I would like to explain a few things which would show how amazing this is.

    Numerous times I have had an idea or insight, and have then hit a snag. Now for many of us, the problem we are faced with would possibly stop us in our tracks - especially if other people jumped on it and used it to discredit us or thwart any further investigation as is typical of some people - but I have found that in solving the problem or snag we are then propelled to a greater understanding of what we had found initially and what we see here is one example of this.


The aerial image of Giza below is said to be the definitive image - well, as close as we can get to an accurate 2D view. The previous aerial images Don Barone and I were using were not accurate and so the zero or 'vanishing point centre' of the Golden Spiral in my original overlay based on these innacurate aerial images, was wrong.

    It was found that when overlaid on this particular aerial view, the intersection of the 23?-degree lines in the drawing I had made caused a problem. We found that with this more accurate aerial view, G2 and G3 were over to the left or west and so were slightly outside the curve of the Golden Spiral.

To read a 'simple to grasp' introduction to Phi and the Golden Ratio click  here

Phi at Giza and in the Great Pyramid?

Part One: Giza


We now have two vanishing points either side of the central line, and this is how the whole image fitted together to reveal this "heart" - perhaps showing us that Giza is the heart-centre of the world. Whether this was intentional or not is another thing, and the only way we could take this seriously would be if we credited the original design of Giza, not to the ancient Egyptians, but to some unknown advanced civilisation - a theory which is not new and one that has been seriously considered by numerous alternative history theorists. There is another alternative theory which relates to what I call the Synchroholoform.


Does Phi run throughout Giza? I think these images - two amongst many other examples - proves it and is a major discovery.








Diagram by Gary Osborn. Copyright © G Osborn. 2005. All Rights Reserved

Phi at Giza? Part 2 4511223863.jpg

Diagram by Gary Osborn. Copyright © G Osborn. 2005. All Rights Reserved


Diagram by Gary Osborn. Copyright © G Osborn. 2005. All Rights Reserved

Aerial View of Giza

Aerial View of Giza




Using the accurate aerial view provided by Don, suggested moving the Spiral over to the left or west to see if the spiral still hit the three pyramids at certain points - regardless of the conjunction of both the 'vanishing point'  and the'23-degree line intersection' .

    Of course in doing this, the spiral hit the three pyramids exactly at the points as shown in my previous drawings (not shown here). This in itself showed that Giza appears to have been constructed to the mathematics of Phi.

    However, the vanishing point was now over to the left of the centre point where the 23?-degree lines intersected at the centre.

I found out with this new aerial view that these lines were not 23-"something" degrees, but 22.25 degrees - or thereabouts.

But when I measured the angle from the apex-centre of G3 to the new location of the vanishing point of the spiral, I found that it was 23 degrees exactly!

    And also it was now 23-degrees from the south-west corner of G3 to the old intersection point and to the north-east point of the large triangle which is just over 51-degrees - still making a reference to the angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid.


I wondered why the vanishing point was over to the left of the central inersection and why it aligned with the apex-centre of G3 on a 23-degree angle?

    It was only after I mirror-imaged the Golden Spiral and placed it on the other side of the whole image that the answer was staring at me all the time.

Copyright © G Osborn. 2005. All Rights Reserved

1. Aerial View of the Giza Plateau

2. Giza Plateau reorientated, revealing how the Golden Spiral incorporating Phi, hits the three pyramids at three points, (2,3,4)

and aligns with the centre of the GP, (5) the west face of GP (6) and the E,W equinoctial line that passes through the Sphinx, (7)

     Amazingly, the Golden Spiral begins from the apex of the large upside-down 51-degree triangle.

                                             (The sides of the Great Pyramid are angled at 51.84 degrees and in arc minutes 51.51)

3. The two Golden Spirals that produce the heart. The vanishing points are on an angle of 23 degrees

from the apex centre of G3 and the apex centre of its mirror image

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