Literally Earth-Shaking, Tsunami Quake Shifted the North Pole, Moved
Newark, NJ, 1/2 inch

The Newark Star Ledger 12.31.04
Posted on 01/01/2005 9:38:48 PM PST by Coleus

Beyond killing tens of thousands and unleashing a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions, the twinned earthquake and tsunami that struck Southeast Asia Sunday altered the angle of the Earth on its axis, moved the North Pole, pushed walls of water throughout all the world’s oceans and shifted the soil as far away as Newark, researchers are reporting.
Scientists said yesterday they are looking beyond the tragedy to try to extract meaning from an event of such magnitude. They want to learn how the Earth responds as a system to one of Nature’s terrible jolts. And they wonder about the Earth’s resilience.
Calculations performed by Richard Gross of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California show that the quake sped up the rotation of the Earth and enlarged its wobble, causing the length of a day to shrink permanently by 3 millionths of a second. It also moved the North Pole 1 inch, he found.
Researchers at the Lamont-Doherty facility in New York, part of Columbia University, have been tracking earthquakes for decades and say their instruments showed that the quake rang the Earth like a bell. Seismic waves emanated from the epicenter, like ripples moving out from a pebble thrown onto a pond surface.
Armbruster, the Lamont-Doherty seismologist, said that, though he hasn't completed his analysis, he believes the quake moved the soil in the Newark and greater metropolitan area by a half- inch. The temblor on the other side of the world pushed the ground up that far, then back down the same distance. The movement was so swift, it was not noticed by residents of the region, he said.
A well-studied 1964 quake in Alaska of a greater magnitude moved the ground in New York up 2 inches and then down 2 inches, he said.

The news articles given above which followed the Christmas 2004, Asian Tsunami disaster, and which latest estimates say killed over 280,000 people, reveals that an axis shift is indeed a reality.

If a sudden axial shift, however slight, can happen in our lifetime, then it could have also happened in the not too distant past and more dramatically.
This disaster involving the shift of the Earth’s axis, something that only yesterday would have been dismissed as an extremely rare event – “if it could happen at all” – can be compared to the fragments of the Schumaker-Levy comet that hit Jupiter in 1994, a “wake-up call” to the shocking reality that Earth could indeed be hit by a similar comet strike and at any time.

After all, the spectacular comet-Jupiter event happened in our lifetime, and so has this slight axial shift, caused not by a comet, but by a ‘subduction quake’ (tectonic plate slide) changes within the Earth itself.

Ironically, this disaster occurred just when I was first working on this paper, and the latest tsunami disaster that occurred of the coast of Japan, March 10th 2011, happened as I was finally completing it.
Is it probable that the present inclination of the axis is the result of it having tilted directly and suddenly from an almost upright position? And if so, did this event happen sometime in the relatively short – so we are told – history of man?
If not, then what are we to do with the numerous classical statements that tell us the Earth was once vertically aligned with the ecliptic?

Here are a few examples; the first written by the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras (500 – 428 BC):

"In the beginning the stars moved in the sky as in a revolving dome, so that the celestial pole which is always visible was vertically overhead; but subsequently the pole took its inclined position".

"Diogenes Laertius wrote that ‘at first the polestar always appeared in the zenith, but then acquired a certain declination".
Source: Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers, R.D. Hicks, Ed.

First of all, if the axis did tilt suddenly, then what was the nature of this major worldwide catastrophe, which caused the Earth’s axis to shift – therefore “separating Heaven and Earth”?

Although there have been many theories about a major planetary upheaval in prehistoric times based on the mythical folklore of different cultures around the globe, one can only speculate about the nature of this calamity – if true.
Gerrit L. Verschuur PhD says that if today the Earth were struck by a large asteroid or comet a few hundred kilometres across, it would trigger global earthquakes but would not alter the angle of the Earth’s axis of rotation.*

It would take the impact of a Mars-sized object to have a noticeable effect – which Verschuur suggests did happen, but only during the Earth’s original formation.*
*Poleshifts Theosophy and Science Contrasted, by David Pratt, 2000.

But as we now know, and in regard to the recent Asian tsunami disaster, even an earthquake can shift the Earth’s axis however slight.

In 1968 Dr. J. R. Heirtzler of the Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory acknowledged the belief that the glacial ages were caused by changes in the tilt of the Earth’s axis . . .

“. . . there is clear evidence that large earthquakes occur at about the same time as certain changes in the earth’s rotational motion. Whatever the mechanism of these changes, it is not hard to believe that similar changes in the earth’s axial motion in times past could have caused major earthquake and mountain-building activity and could even have caused the magnetic field to flip”.

"Sea-floor spreading," by J. R Heirtzler, Scientific American, Vol. 219, No. 6, December 1968.

In the wake of the 2004 disaster, it would seem that many scientists have changed their view about the amount of force needed to alter the Earth’s axis of rotation.

For instance, a NASA scientist Benjamin Chao said in a statement:

“Any worldly event that involves the movement of mass affects the Earth’s rotation, from seasonal weather down to driving a car”.

USINFO.STATE.GOV, NASA Details how Indian Ocean Quake Affects Earth Rotation, 11th Jan 2005.

Well perhaps that’s taking it too far, but getting back to the question of a sudden and dramatic shift in the distant past:

It has also been suggested, that in one event the Earth may have been repeatedly pounded by a large shower of asteroids or meteorites, spread over a wide area, and that this would have been enough to tip the Earth over.
Although there are many skeptics who doubt a sudden axial tilt of the Earth in human prehistory, there are many ancient eyewitness accounts.

So whom do we believe? – The skeptics, whose opinions are based on logical scientific-based deductions?

Or the eyewitnesses themselves whose accounts are remarkably consistent around the world?

And we must ask ourselves why would these ancient peoples invent such stories – and basically the same story?

The authors of Hamlet’s Mill (1969), Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, express some rare thoughts in this regard:

“The theory about “how the world began” seems to involve the breaking asunder of a harmony, a kind of cosmogonic “original sin” whereby the circle of the ecliptic . . . was tilted up at an angle with respect to the equator, and the cycles of change came into being”.

Hamlet’s Mill: An Essay Investigating the Origins of Human Knowledge and its Transmission through Myth, 
by Giorgio De Santillana, and Hertha Von Dechend, (Godine, 1969).

“ . . . cycles of change came into being . . .” It would appear that from this moment on ‘Chronological Time’ had begun for man.

In his book Secrets of Lost Atland (1979,) Robert Scrutton quotes the 17th century, Jesuit missionary and historian, Martinus Martini, who himself gives reference to an observed polar shift as stated in Chinese records.

“The Planets altered their courses, and the great harmony of the universe and nature was disrupted . . . the sky sunk lower in the north”.
Secrets of Lost Atland, by Robert Scrutton, (Sphere Books Ltd, London, 1979).

The account given by Martinus in his History of China was also included in The Lost Ship of Noah: In Search of the Ark at Ararat (1987), by Charles Berlitz about the Flood:

“At the beginning of the second heaven, the Earth was shaken to its foundations. The sky sank lower and lower towards the north. The sun, moon and stars changed their motion. The earth fell to pieces and the waters in its bosom uprushed with violence and overflowed the Earth . . . Man had rebelled against the High Gods and the system of the universe was in disorder”.
The Lost Ship of Noah: In Search of the Ark at Ararat
by Charles Berlitz, (New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1987), p. 126.

The sky sinking “lower and lower towards the north” would mean that to the observers in the region of China, the Earth was tipping downwards relatively. Many have speculated that the tilt of the Earth may have resulted in the Flood – the tilt of the axis itself being the result of a large meteorite impact, as once proposed by Professor N. S. Vetchinkin of Russia, or perhaps a large stellar body passing close to the Earth.

Dodwell’s Thesis

Based on 26 years of extensive research, the late George F. Dodwell – former South Australian Government astronomer – concluded that the Earth’s axis recovered slowly after a sudden change ‘from a former nearly vertical position to an inclination of 26½ degrees, from which it was returned to equilibrium at the present inclination of 23½ degrees.’

Letter from George F. Dodwell to Dr. Arthur J. Brandenberger,
Professor of photogrammetry at Laval University in Quebec, Canada.
Source: In Search of Noah’s Ark by Dave Balsiger and Charles E. Sellier Jr, 1976, USA, pp. 44–46.

Here’s an extract from a paper on Dodwell’s thesis written by Dr. Carl Wieland:

“A wobbling top will slowly right itself, but never moves all the way back to its former more upright position. If you plotted its behaviour on a graph it would show as a log sine curve. Dodwell’s graphs indicated that the earth had been pushed over 27 degrees and from that time until 1850 had been slowly moving back to 23½ degrees which it is today”.
An Asteroid Tilts the Earth by Dr. Carl Wieland, (Ex Nihilo, January 1983), pp. 12-14.

How did Dodwell arrive at his conclusions that the axis had tilted suddenly?

It is a fact that the earliest astronomers would place a stick vertically in the ground on a level surface and then measure the length of the shadow at different times of the year.
It was understood that the changing angles of the Sun’s rays and at different times of the year should result in different length shadows if the same stick is measured at specific times – i.e., always at noon and especially during the Solstices and the Equinoxes.

The stick would measure a very short shadow during the Summer Solstice (caused by the Sun being high in the sky) and a long shadow during the Winter Solstice (caused by the Sun being low in the sky.) These people then used simple trigonometry to determine the angular variation of the Sun and found that the angular height varies around 23.5 degrees – or whatever the obliquity (tilt) of the Earth’s axis was at that time – between either the Equinoxes and the Solstices.

With good reason I shall again quote Dr. Carl Weiland, who also informs us of this ancient method:

“Measuring the lengths of the shortest and longest shadows was very important to these ancient astronomers, as their religious feasts were tied to these two special days. If you got the measurements wrong, your head would probably roll! So these results were carefully recorded on stone and papyrus. Many of the measurements taken over the past 3000 years from places such as China, Europe, England, India and Egypt are available to us today. The length of the shadow really depends on the tilt of the earth”.

An Asteroid Tilts the Earth by Dr. Carl Wieland, pp. 12-14.

Or rather that the changing length of the shadow in one place at different times of the year, depends on the tilt of the Earth, because if the Earth were upright there would be no change – or maybe only a very slight change depending on the change in the elliptical orbit of the Earth around the Sun – i.e., how far or how near the Earth is to the Sun.

We are told by Dr. Weiland that Dodwell began reviewing these ancient stick-method measurements and he noticed that the shadow lengths recorded before 1850 A.D. were different than expected and that the farther back in time he went with these measurements, the greater the difference. Dodwell knew these measurements were meticulously recorded and therefore were correct without a doubt and on pain of death – which could only mean that in the past, the Earth’s axis was tilted differently. Again we will quote Dr. Weiland:

“When Dodwell graphed the results of how the axis was tilted, based on shadow lengths, they formed a regular curve, known technically as a log sine curve. The results surprised him, but compelled him to conclude that the earth’s axis had been behaving as if it was a centre of a spinning top which had been pushed over”.

An Asteroid Tilts the Earth by Dr. Carl Wieland, pp. 12-14.

Dodwell’s hypothesis?

That an asteroid or comet must have struck the Earth – possibly changing the tilt of the Earth’s axis and causing the Biblical Flood – a cataclysm that had been recorded by many different cultures around the world.
A 3,000-year-old ancient Egyptian document from the 12th dynasty and known as the Hermitage Papyrus of Leningrad, describes the fall of a comet or meteor which either struck the Earth or came very close:

“Once a star fell from heaven and the flames consumed everything.
All were burned but I alone was saved. However, when I saw the mountain of corpses I almost died of grief”.
According to both the Hermitage Papyrus and the Ipuwer Papyrus, the world had been turned upside down by this catastrophe.
The Papyrus also mentions the “Island of the Serpent”. 

Perhaps this was the homeland of the "Shining Ones", also called ‘Serpents’, and many believe that this island is Atlantis.

A line from the Papyrus reads:

“After you leave my island you will not find it again as this place will vanish under the sea waves”.

The Chilam Balam, the Popul Vah and the Völuspa all tell of a dreadful cataclysm when a great flaming snake fell from the skies to the sea, submerging the nearby lands.

Does this “flaming snake” describe a comet with its tail?  
In the Bible we are told that God (or rather the gods known as the Elohim) spoke to Noah, telling him that the seasons of summer and winter would be more extreme from the time of the Flood onward.

This both supports, and is supported in turn by The Book of Enoch, (65:1,3) which states how,

‘In those days Noah saw that the earth had sunk down [became inclined] and that destruction was nigh [approached]
. . . And he said, [addressing one of the "Shining Ones"] Tell me what is transacting upon earth; for the earth labours, and is violently shaken’.
In the King James Version of the Bible (Isaiah 24:1, 20) we find this:

‘Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof . . . The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard . . .’

360 Days

As mentioned on the previous page, according to Joscelyn Godwin, taking the Earth’s present orbit, and if the Earth’s axis were upright, the year would consist of 360 days with twelve 30-day months.

And we find that the oldest calendars on the globe all point to 360 days not 365.25 – which suggests the Earth was somehow and possibly "knocked" out of sync.
In his New Theory of the Earth (1696,) W. Whiston writes that before the Deluge, the year was composed of 360 days – his statement based on classical references.

In Whiston’s time, the Deluge was considered the only major catastrophe in history so it was logical for him to relate the 360-year calendar to the antediluvian epoch.

The Egyptian calendar from the Ebers Papyrus has 360 days, with months of 30 days each.

In 1866 a tablet known as the Decree of Canopus was discovered at Tanis. 

Inscribed upon the tablet was a decree to harmonise the calendars with the seasons because they had gone out of tilt or “according to the present arrangements of the world”.
The Decree of Canopus by S. Sharpe, 1870. 

The text tells us that one day has to be added every four years to the “three hundred and sixty days, and to the five days which were afterwards ordered to be added”.

Astronomie, Astrologie und Mathematik, Grundriss der indo-arischen Philologie und Altershumskunde, Thibaut, 1899, III, 7.
The Chinese had to add five and a quarter days calling the addition Khe-ying.
The Mayan 360 year day was wrong too – making it now a peculiar phenomenon that the Maya must have had knowledge from before the tilt! They had to add 5 days too and every 4th year added another.

“They did not reckon them apart, and called them the days of the nothing: during which the people did not anything”. 

Cataclysm: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 BC by D. S. Allan and J. B. Delair, 1997.
Some of the oldest books are the Hindu Vedas and they too speak of 360 days – especially the Brahmanas which gives 12 months of 30 days, and Scholar, Hermanus W. Smeenk tells us:

“It is striking that the Vedas nowhere mention an intercalary period, and while repeatedly stating that the year consists of 360 days, nowhere refer to the five or six days that actually are a part of the solar year”.

Is Today’s Jewish Calendar The One God Gave To Moses? By Hermanus W. Smeenk.

A passage from the Aryabhatiya, and old Indian work on maths and astronomy says, “a year consists of twelve months. A month consists of 30 days. A day consists of 60 nadis. A nadis consist of 60 vinadikas”.
The same was true of the Persian year of 360 days or 12 months of 30 days and like the Indians they had to add 5 “Gatha” days to the calendar.
The Greeks and Romans were just the same and also added 5 days. Plutarch wrote the Life of Numa which stated that in the time of Romulus (the “first time” like the ancient Egyptian Zep Tepi) the Roman year was 360 days only. The same is true also of Egyptians, Persians, Hindus, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Hebrews, Chinese, etc.

Drawings from the ancient Egyptian tomb of Senmut show the sky before the poles changed locations – before the cataclysm, while yet another displays it as it is now. There was some reason for showing the ‘before and after’.
The Maya give us a good description of the cataclysm even though their current “dated” history does not allow for it!

The eleventh tablet of the Epic of Gilgamesh from Babylonia says that . . .

“ . . . from out of the horizon rose a dark cloud and it rushed against the earth; the land was shrivelled by the heat of the flames. The earth began to shake and chasms opened up in the ground, rivers began flowing upwards. Immense volumes of water and mud burst from the mountains; rains of extraordinary abundance, full of thick grey mud and the overpowering smell of sulphur fell from the sky; rivers instantaneously left their beds; tidal waves crashed unto the shores; a terrible water-sprout rose to the sky, and the foundations of the deep caused a rising of the waters from below”.

What caused this? 

In the Shu King we are told that in the time of Yao a bright star issued from Yin. This could only be a comet.
In the Wen-Tze Taoist writings we find that . . .

“When the sky, hostile to living beings, wishes to destroy them, it burns them; the sun, the moon lose their form and are eclipsed; the five planets leave their paths; the four seasons encroach one upon the other; daylight is obscured; glowing mountains collapse; rivers are dried up; it thunders in winter, hoarfrost falls in summer; the atmosphere is thick and human beings are choked; the state perishes; the aspect and the order of the sky are altered; the customs of the age are disturbed . . .”

All of this is an indication of a comet strike. Some of it is not possible with volcano, earthquakes etc, such as the five planets leaving their paths – this can only be due to the Earth “shifting position”.

Paradise Lost

English poet, John Milton gave reference to the tilt (obliquity) of the axis in his famous work, Paradise Lost – written around 1665.

However, the main theme of Milton’s epic poem is the “Fall of Man” from the ‘Garden of Eden.

These lines are from ‘Book IX’:

‘Some say, he bid his Angels turn ascanse
The poles of earth, twice ten degrees and more,
From the sun’s axle; they with labour pushed
Oblique the centrick globe . . .’

‘Askance’ means ‘sideways’ or ‘deviate,’ and we are told that “he” – meaning God – had “bid his Angels” to do this – i.e., ‘ordered’ that they tilt the Earth, and push it away from “the sun’s axle” – being the upright ecliptic pole.

But as many scholars and researchers have now acknowledged, the “God” of the Bible and his “Angels” are said to be the Sumerian god Anu and his sons and entourage, the Anannage or ‘Shining Ones’ who are reported to have landed in Mesopotamia, and there created the ‘Garden of Eden’ – which according to author Christian O’Brien’s interpretations of the Sumerian texts, appears to have been a scientifically-monitored, horticultural, conservation complex. 

(See The Genius of the Few: The Story of Those Who Founded the Garden in Eden 
by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien (1985).
O’Brien’s theory is that these "Shining Ones" produced Cro-Magnon Man through genetic manipulation so as to relieve their workload.

In other words, Cro-Magnon Man was a hybrid between the "Shining Ones" and Neanderthal Man.

O’Brien speculates that these “gods” may have then accomplished further genetic manipulations of our race.

Apparently, their plans went wrong, and a decision was made to “wipe the slate clean”.
Were these “Shining Ones” then responsible for the tilt of the Earth’s axis, which caused the Flood? But if so, then how? 

What awesome power did they possess that could do this? 

This is something we will have to return to: For now, we will look at the rest of Milton’s verse:

‘ . . . to bring in change
Of seasons to each clime; else had the spring
Perpetual smiled on earth with vernant flowers,
Equal in days and nights, except to those
Beyond the polar circles; to them day
Had unbenighted shone. . .’

Did Milton really believe that the Earth’s axis was once upright? 

If so, then what was the source of his belief and the inspiration for his work?
We are told that his influences include the Bible, his own Puritan upbringing, the Roman poet Virgil and Sir Edmund Spenser – an Elizabethan writer on the theme of Arcadia.

The author of this quote below takes it for granted that the Earth’s axis was once upright:

“ . . . before the earth was tilted on its axis at the time of the Fall, there were no colures, the two circles that intersect each other at right angles at the poles, and divide the equinoctial and the ecliptic into four equal parts. One passes through the equinoctial, the other through the solstitial, points of the ecliptic”.

Paradise Lost: An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Sources, and Criticism.
Ed. Scott Elledge. New York: W. W. Norton and Company, 1993, p. 200.

In his analysis of Milton’s Paradise Lost, writer Pete Stewart informs us:

“As Milton points out, were this not the case, were the Earth and the Heaven still ‘in eternal congress’, unseparated, then perpetual spring would smile, and conditions on earth would be those of a constant equinox, with day and night of equal length and no seasonal variation”.
Architecture of the Spirit by Pete Stewart, Online Book.

Joscelyn Godwin also quotes the above lines from Milton’s Paradise Lost as well as Thomas Burnet’s Telluris Theoria Sacra, or The Sacred Theory of the Earth – written in 1681:

The Poles of the world did once change their situation, and were at first in another posture from which they are now, till that inclination happen’d [. . .] the earth chang’d its posture at the Deluge, and thereby made these seeming changes in the Heavens; its Poles before pointed to the Pole of the Ecliptick, which now point to the Poles of the Aequator, and its Axis is become parallel with that Axis [. . .] And I am apt to think, that those changes in the course of the Stars, which the Ancients sometimes speak of, and especially the Aegyptians, if they did not proceed from defects in their Calendar, had no other Physical account than this. And as they say the Poles of the World were in another situation at first, so at first they say, there was no variety of seasons in the year, as in their Golden Age”.

Telluris Theoria Sacra, or The Sacred Theory of the Earth
by Thomas Burnet. 192 – 193, Book II, Chapter 8, 1681.

The quotations given above suggest that both the tilt of the Earth’s axis and the Biblical Flood resulted from the same global tragedy.

Again, quoting Pete Stewart:

“Milton suggests that this [Golden Age] had been the case prior to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden. It was their disobedience which caused God to order the end of this timelessness”.
Architecture of the Spirit by Pete Stewart.

In his own summary of Book X of Milton’s Paradise Lost, Michael McGoodwin writes:

‘God causes the sun to move and changes the tilt of the earth, creating the seasons of cold and heat’.

Summary of ‘Paradise Lost’ by Michael McGoodwin, prepared 1998, 2000.

Another source gives this summary:

‘God tells the angels to transform the Earth. After the fall, humankind must suffer hot and cold seasons instead of the consistent temperatures before the fall. On Earth, Adam and Eve fear their approaching doom and blame each other for their disobedience’.
Paradise Lost

And here we are confronted with a problem, as according to the Bible, the “Fall of Man” – associated with Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the ‘Garden of Eden,’ and the “Deluge” associated with the Biblical Flood and Noah’s Ark – are generally seen as two separate events.
Are these two different stories related to the same event?
Well it’s a frustrating fact that when we compare similar myths of different cultures, we find that the themes that parallel each other do not always run together in a logical, past-to-future time sequence.

Another thing, all myths are allegorical and will often make conflicting allusions to various themes or concepts – many of which will ultimately lead to the same theme, concept or literal event.
For instance, the story of the ancient Egyptian deities, Osiris and Isis (of which there will be more later), is in many ways, comparable to the story of Adam and Eve – which just adds to the confusion.

And as we will see, the body of Osiris inside a box or coffin and then being cast into the waters – includes certain motifs that remind us of the story of Noah’s Ark – and this isn’t the only connection: Osiris was drowned and set afloat on the sea on the seventeenth day of the month of Athyr – being the same day as that given for the beginning of the Biblical Flood.

These connections are as enticing as they are frustrating, as there is no clear-cut story that can be made from each source.

As much as these stories correlate and connect, they also contradict.
It is said that the number 17 played an important part in the ‘mystery plays’ related to the drowning of Osiris and that this number is also significant in the beliefs and practices of the Babylonians, the Egyptians and the Romans in regard to the ‘Universal Deluge’.

Now, however unlikely these relationships may seem, many researchers are indeed noting these subtle connections and together are slowly coming to the same conclusions I am presenting on these pages.

However, many have not yet connected their findings to the Great Pyramid of Giza – the ‘world mountain’ – the vertex of the whole mystery and where it all begins to make sense.
In their book Keeper of Genesis (1996), authors, Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock mention that, “there is a tradition which asserts that the Giza monuments stand as a last and grand memorial to a highly advanced antediluvian civilisation that was destroyed by a ‘Great Flood’.”
  Keeper of Genesis: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind
by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, William Heinemann, 1996.

Well people have already said this and have been saying this for many years, but these references to the “Deluge” and survivor “gods” arriving in Egypt and other places around the world is something that now needs to be taken seriously – especially if the Great Pyramid contains information about the Earth’s axis which was believed by many to have moved from its upright position due to a cataclysm that possibly also caused the Biblical ‘Flood’.

However, the dates as to ‘when’ the axis tilted are as numerous and as different as the theories that surround such an imagined event.
Now having now looked at just a little of the evidence gathered to show that the axis tilted – an investigation that is beset with problems and still remains inconclusive – I would emphasise that it’s not my intention to prove that the Earth’s axis was once upright; this would be a colossal task with only scant evidence still to draw on, much of which is contradictory.

My purpose is to bring to the reader’s attention, that if nothing else, an upright axis was indeed an ideal in the mind of man as it was considered to be commensurate with certain esoteric principles.
Again, it could be that these principles may stem from a time when the Earth’s axis was upright – a ‘Golden Age’ – but again, an upright axis as an ideal, need not have been a prerequisite as regards the origin of this knowledge, as man’s imagination was powerful enough to have perceived the believed benefits that an upright axis would surely bring.
While outlining the experience from which these esoteric principles were derived, I cannot help but speculate on the possibility that the Earth’s axis of rotation may have indeed been upright a very long time ago, and that no matter what may be seen to support this in all the things we have already examined and those that we are going to look at in the course of our journey, I really have no conclusion on this and so I leave it to the reader to make his/her own conclusions from the evidence I am offering.

Again, if nothing else, there is indeed a relative pattern to all these themes which does suggest this hypothesis.
It’s indeed possible that the axis tilted before man was on the Earth (although the new evidence presented by author Michael Cremo suggests that man has been here for millions of years), or that it has always been tilted and had never been vertically aligned with the Pole of the Ecliptic: and if so then this perfect upright position of the axis – which was believed to bring harmonious conditions to the planet – is perhaps an ‘ideal’ which only exists in man’s imagination and therefore it is something wished for.
However, there are many other things to consider . . .

Why is the Earth's axis, obliquity angle of 23.5º being given reference in paintings of the Biblical Flood?

Is what we see here perhaps a clue pointing to the belief that the cause of the Deluge involved a major poleshift or axial tilt?

The Deluge engraving by WIlliam Miller after J Martin 23.5 sat

Figure 1: Bolt of lightning at the Earth's axis obliquity angle of 23.5 degrees.
The Deluge. Engraving by William Miller after John Martin, published in The Imperial Family Bible According to the Authorized Version. (John Martin Illustrator) Glasgow, Edinburgh, and London: Blackie & Son. 1844.

In their informative book, Uriel’s Machine (1999), which also delves into the fragmentary history of the “Watchers” or “Shining Ones” according to the Book of Enoch, authors Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas state that the secrets of Freemasonry which preserved the arcane knowledge of the Jewish High Priesthood, date from a time before the Biblical Flood – adding that the story of a major near extinction event, the Biblical Flood has always been at the very heart of the Masonic rituals.

‘ . . . these Masonic rituals, which are memorised word-for-word by freemasons, still make frequent reference to a worldwide Flood, and an entire order is dedicated to preserving verbal traditions about Noah, the builder of the biblical Ark that survived the deluge. There are also lists of characters from a civilization that is said to have existed before the catastrophic deluge, such as Tubal-Cain – the man who Masons are told, invented agriculture and the ploughshare’.
Uriel’s Machine: The Ancient Origins of Science
by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, (Arrow Books, 2000) pp. 31 – 32.

Again, this civilization could only be the "Shining Ones" – also known as the ‘Angels,’ ‘Watchers’, ‘Annunaki’, ‘Nephilim’ etc., – all evidence leading us to conclude that this was a scientifically-advanced people whose civilization was wiped out by what amounts to a global catastrophe.

That this whole scenario should be at the root of Freemasonry is particularly significant – especially in view of these numerous encoded references to the angle of the Earth’s axis in paintings and other sources. (See yet another example below in figure 2).

“Throughout these old rituals there is frequent reference to the biblical character called Enoch, with Masonic degrees devoted entirely to him, telling his story as the man who was told by the angel Uriel that he must save the secrets of civilization from a global disaster”.
Uriel’s Machine, p. 32.

The angel Uriel who instructed Enoch is said to have been a "Shining One", "a Watcher"; a prominent member of this former advanced civilization which appears to have flourished on the Earth before the catastrophe, and we shall be returning to the story of Enoch and the ‘Watchers’ later.
At the beginning of their book, Knight and Lomas ask why a rapid increase in human development had begun 10,000 years ago.

Although there is much evidence that humans were advanced in knowledge before this era (e.g., "Shining Ones") – around 800 BCE there appears to have been a huge leap resulting in organised farming, agriculture, the domesticity of animals and world trade.

Something appears to have happened just before this time, which made it necessary for man to re-organise himself more effectively to meet the changes.

Again, could it be that there was no need for farming and cultivation before this period in human history?

After all, if the axis were upright, no winter season would exist that would make agriculture a necessity; everything that man would need would be available all year round and in abundance.

The authors also put forward their theory that comets had indeed impacted the Earth twice in the last 10,000 years.

They say the first of these happened around 7,620 BCE, involving several comets, and the second around 3,150 BCE, involving one.

The authors present some interesting imagery – an old Masonic Tracing Board, which they say symbolically indicates a comet in the form of a dagger being held by the disembodied ‘hand of God’.

“Rainbow imagery also appears in Masonic symbolism and it is associated with falling comets and the Flood. This image is taken from an old Masonic ‘tracing board’ that was used to instruct Freemasons in the ancient traditions of the Order. At the top a hand appears from the sky holding a dagger, which is known to be an extremely old symbol for a comet. Around the hand waves are depicted, possibly symbolizing the top of the waters when the floodwaters struck. In the centre we are shown a rainbow containing the five-pointed star which is a representation of Venus, the morning star which symbolizes rebirth in Judaism, Freemasonry and many other ancient traditions. Below the rainbow is the burning bush, from which God is said to have spoken to Moses on Mount Sinai, and below that is an underground cavern which must have been the only sanctuary during the dark, cold and very wet months after the comet impact”.
Uriel’s Machine, p. 83.

As the reader can see, in examining the image, I found that the dagger is at the angle of 23.5 degrees which is significant.
Are we being told that the comet may have caused the Earth's axis of rotation to shift and tilt at this angle?
Knight and Lomas present good evidence for these impacts and state that there may have been many comet impacts prior to these relatively recent ones.

It’s therefore possible that the Earth’s axis did not tilt when these particular comets struck, but that it had already been tilted – the result of a large comet impact that happened before these later impacts and possible around 13,000 years ago – i.e., around the time of the ending of the last Ice Age.

If so, then it’s a recurring problem – a repeating pattern.
It is well known that the periodic Ice Ages are largely caused by the eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which varies between a circular and elliptical orbit and resulting in a change in distance between one and five percent over time.

So although Ice Ages are not exclusively dependent on the tilt of the axis, Ice Ages could still exist as a phenomenon with an upright axis and again, would depend largely on the varying distances between the Earth and the Sun.

It’s possible that the disaster, which caused the axis to tilt, also ended the last Ice Age – the date coinciding with the end-beginning (Alpha-Omega) point of the precessional cycle coinciding with the Age of Leo – as the Earth was then tipped forward towards the Sun.
However, we are given yet more dates . . .

Again, authors, Allan and Delair argue their case that a major catastrophe took place c. 9,500 BCE – the only theory in recent times that deals with a full axial tilt from the vertical.

And then there is the theory of Professor Mike Baillie Exodus to Arthur: Catastrophic Encounters with Comets (1999), in which he relies on the evidence of tree-ring samplings, to pinpoint the dates of several recent comet strikes or close passes – i.e., 2354, BCE 1628, BCE 1159, BCE 208 BCE and 540 CE.

Baillie’s conclusions are reasonably convincing and are enough to show that the Earth is under continual bombardment.

In other words, the Earth is a constant target and a magnet for a variety of fast-moving cosmic rubble.
Another point of interest is the reference to Mount Sinai in the Tracing Board above.

It has been said and noted that ‘Mount Sinai,’ as mentioned in the Bible, is really in reference to the Great Pyramid of Giza . . . and as we will see, there are numerous connections with the Earth's geophysical condition that also point to Giza and the Great Pyramid.

We will now move onto Part Two, which will cover several Shamanic conceptions that will equip us with the right kind of knowledge to then decipher the encoded information which has been placed in various sources throughout history.

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