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Out of all the ‘Creation’ myths of the ancient Egyptians, the ‘Heliopolitan’ version (named after the city of Heliopolis – its Greek name) is the most popular. It is said that in the beginning, the universe was a “formless, watery void” named Nu or Nun. 
The English word ‘None’ – meaning “nothing” or “zero” may be a derivative of this ancient name.

Out of the ‘waters of Nun’ emerged a phallic-shaped hill – the ‘primeval mound’.
This hill or mound is really a metaphor for a vortex of energy – a circular matrix created from its own centre. 

This creation myth appears to be the origin of the ancient Egyptian Sun or Solar symbol – a simple circle with a dot at the centre known as the 'Circumpunct'. 

We have already seen this symbol inserted between two parallel lines and at the centre and in-between the 'Two Johns' of Masonic symbolism, who each represent the dual opposites.

This symbol, also a hieroglyph, meaning ‘RA’ or ‘RE’ (Sun), is also known as the “Eye of Ra”. Like the Greek god Zeus, the god Ra or Re was the “father god” – the highest god in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon.

Figure 1.

Figure 1: The Ancient Egyptian Sun or Solar Symbol, known as the Circumpunct.
This symbol is also the Hieroglyph of the god RA (Sun) and the Alchemical glyph for Gold.

Going back to the Ancient Egyptian creation myth, some traditions hold to the idea that the waters of Nun surround this ‘hill’ or ‘mound’ – being the first ‘World Mountain’.
However, it would be more correct to say that the “waters” (the potential energy) of ‘Nun’ is also at the very centre of the mound, like the dot at the centre of the circle in the symbol shown above - being the centre of all creation. 

We can use this ancient conception to describe this ‘Source-Centre’ as regards both physics and metaphysics:

The “waters” surrounding the centre represents the ‘measured, finite energy’ of creation, and the mound or hill at the centre, represents this same energy compacted and fused together as one at a point . . . still, undisturbed, ‘potential energy’ . . . immeasurable, infinite . . .

The circle represents everything as Maya (illusory measured energy) around the centre-point which is the Laya (true, immeasurable energy within a non-dimensional point of singularity).

In the Egyptian creation myth, it was from this phallic hill, that Atum-Ra, by enfolding his hand around his penis (demonstrating the union of I and O opposites), masturbated himself to an explosive orgasm – his seed igniting the birth of the Universe and creating all life within it. From this seed or fusion point, the Universe expanded in all complexity – unfolding like a flower through many levels.
In the minds of the ancients, this was how the material world became manifest.

Again, this mythical act of creation is similar to the creation of the universe as told by modern physicists . . . the popular “Big Bang” theory. This theory holds that the Universe was seeded into life from a ‘point of singularity’ – the proto-atom (Atum) of potential energy/information, which "exploded" its contents outwards and in all directions.

Keeping this in mind, the confusing concept of the primordial mound or shamanic ‘World Mountain’, can also be further explained, in that an analogy was made with the “liquid-fire” (lava) that rises up from the depths or centre of the Earth and through a mountain volcano, so as to explode in all directions from the truncated summit. 

We would also note that like a volcano the Great Pyramid of Giza, is truncated - missing its apex or capstone.

In his article, The Origin of the Word Pyramid, Egyptologist Stephen Mehler informs us that the word ‘pyramid’ is derived from the Greek words pyramis and pyramidos. He says that the meaning of ‘Pyramis’ is obscure and may relate to the shape of a pyramid – but that the word ‘Pyramidos’ has been translated as “Fire In The Middle” – pyre = fire, mid = middle.

In any case, the sexual imagery was not lost on those who noticed the correspondence between:
1), the "liquid fire" lava rising upward through the axis of the volcano, 
2) the “Liquid Fire” (Kundalini prana energy) – the mix of ‘fire’ and ‘water’ opposites – rising up through the central nerve channel, the sushumna of the spine, and, 
3), the semen, which rises up through the phallus at the climactic moment of sexual intercourse between a male and female – also representing the union or fusion of opposites from which a new pattern - a new child - is created.

In Hindu cosmology, All of Creation expanding around a central point, (as symbolised by the ancient Egyptian imagery of the energy rising up through the phallus of Atum-Ra), exploding outwards with the original point of creation then surrounded by the “waters” – the matrix of space – would be interpreted as the male Lingam (erect penis) surrounded by the female Yoni (vagina).

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