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New Book Published by US Publishers Inner Traditions (Bear & Company)

Back Cover Summary:

This is the story of an extraordinary journey of discovery which leads to the revelation of the ultimate secrets of the world's most enigmatic mysteries including the Holy Grail, the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher's Stone.

It is the story of a serpent worshipping cult, which was prevalent all over the world in ancient times and whose influences can be found in all the world's major religions. (See The Shining Ones).
Although some formalized religions gained ascendancy by associating the serpent with evil, reflections of the ancient rites and rituals still remain.

The central rite of the snake cult was to mix snake venom with blood in a ceremonial mixing bowl to produce a healing elixir, now proven by modern science to enhance t-cell replication and thus boost the immune system. This was in fact the basis of the "Elixir of Life", and the ceremonial bowl came to be called the "Grail".

Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn show that:

• The mysterious "serpent beings" or "serpent deities" of ancient myth were real people who attained a state of enlightenment.

• The snake was revered for its life-giving properties through the venom and blood and its ability to shed its skin and thus be "reborn".

• The Grail, the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher's Stone are one and the same- metaphors for spiritual enlightenment.

The snake or serpent image found everywhere in myth, symbolism and ritual throughout history has long been associated with malign forces, but now its true nature has been discovered. This is a book that will radically a;ter your perspectives and lead you to question many perceptions and beliefs. It changes everything.

Back Cover Summary:

This is the story of a mysterious ancient priesthood who developed a powerful method of attaining spiritual ecstasy in the ‘Golden Age’– an era long before the dawn of civilization.
They were called 'The Shining Ones': members of an advanced culture that was almost lost, but their wisdom and power lived on.

The mission of the select survivors is to preserve their secret knowledge to help humanity but also to control the development of the world. We can find traces of their influence in all the major religions with roots in the ancient world: Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the religions of the Ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, the Druids and the Augurs of Rome. This is not just a historical hypothesis – the secrets and rituals of The Shining Ones have been hidden and preserved through the centuries by the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons.

Gary Osborn and Philip Gardiner show that:

• The evolution of civilization has been manipulated by a secret and powerful group of initiates descended from The Shining Ones

• They preserved the secrets of their advanced knowledge in mythology and legends and embedded their secret codes in symbolism in art, architecture, mystery traditions and literary works – including the Bible

• Their influence can be identified in science, religion, mysticism and philosophy – and also in the arena of powerful politics

This is an extraordinary story of intrigue and power play at a very human and political level.
But it is also the revelation of the deep spiritual truth that lies at the heart of mankind’s yearning for understanding the meaning of life and achieving salvation.

The Serpent Grail was published by Watkins on 15th September 2005, in the UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East.
In February in the USA, South America and Canada.
Hardback priced £16.99
ISBN 1 84293 129 6

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Dutch Version of The Serpent Grail

Portuguese Version of The Serpent Grail

Spanish Version of The Serpent Grail. Zenith. 2006.
  ISBN: 84-08-06334-0. Price: 20 €

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